These are the preferred languages when it comes to programming AI

By arvind |Email | Aug 17, 2018 | 15561 Views

When it comes to AI and how it is used in industries it always fascinates most of us. Be it used in marketing, military, sports, transport and other things. We are now surrounded by AI more than we ever were; we are using it more than we know about it. Companies are investing in AI, ML and other technologies that help them in their respective industry to gain that advantage. AI is a technology that is all happening and awe, well the final product is, but there is a lot that goes behind in bring it to that stage and mostly from nothing. A lot of programming goes behind the all this cool looking job that takes a lot of hard work, patience and to be skilled in an AI programming. The lives of people and industries have benefited and become efficient from the rise of AI programming technology. AI gives that extra fizz of smart to various industries and it is a never ending growth that is expected to meet at par with human intelligence and might even surpass it. â??Necessity is the mother of inventionâ??, the more the industries demand from AI the more the developers are willing to explore, experiment and used the capabilities of the programmes of AI.
Just like different languages used for development of software application, AI too has it set preferred language for writing AI. AI has so far achieved biometric intelligence, autopilots for self-driving cars and other applications that required different artificial intelligence coding language for their development projects. So far AI does not have any coding language that is preferred over others; AI is still relatively a new technology. The debate of what is the best AI language never stops. But there is still a preference when it comes to choosing these languages. These are some of the preferred AI language softwareâ??s
  •  Python
  •  C++
  •  Java
  •  Lisp
  •  Prolog

Python: Syntax simplicity and versatility I what makes it developer's favourite language. When it comes to being complex it is considered less complex than C++ and Java. It can be used any of the platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, UNIX. It is also likable from its features such as Interactive, interpreted, modular, dynamic, portable and high level which make it more unique than Java. Python is a Multi-paradigm programming supporting object-oriented, procedural and functional styles of programming. Python supports neural networks and development of NLP solutions thanks to its simple function library and more so ideal structure. 

C++: When it comes to completing a project in minimum time or on a short deadline C++ is considered by programmers for the projects, it is the fastest language, execution are faster and the response time is lesser than other. C++ is preferred language for search engine and games related projects. One of the main reason for it being in this list the reason that C++ supports re-use of programmes in development due to inheritance and data hiding thus efficient in time and cost saving.

Java: It is not only one of the most commonly used languages not only for AI but other software development as well. It is appropriate for NLP, search algorithms and neural networks. It is multi paradigm language that follows object oriented principles and the principle of Once Written Read/Run Anywhere (WORA). One of the reasons for it being top preferred languages is that it is an AI programming language that can run on any platform that supports it without need for recompilation. It has lesser tools than C and C++ even when it derives a major part of its syntax from them.

Lisp: Being the second oldest programming language (after FORTRAN) and being one of the preferred languages for AI speaks for its self. Consider as the best AI programming language by some due to the favour of liberty it offers developers. The flexibility it offers in prototyping and experimentation which in turn facilitate LISP to grow to a standard AI language. LISP, unlike most AI programming languages, is more efficient in solving specific as it adapts to the needs of the solutions a developer is writing. It is highly suitable in inductive logic projects and machine learning.

Prolog: Prolog is another language primary language for AI. It is one of the oldest programming languages. It has mechanisms that facilitate flexible frameworks developers enjoy working with. It is a rule-based and declarative language as it contains facts and rules that dictate its artificial intelligence coding language. Prolog supports basic mechanisms such as pattern matching, tree-based data structuring, and automatic backtracking essential for AI programming. Other than its extensive use in AI projects, Prolog is also used for creation of medical systems.

Every language mentioned above has their own advantages and disadvantages, and all are preference of sometime. Developers trust these languages for the development and programming of AI. All it is about is what the developer is most comfortable with or what is the demand of the hour or what language will be suitable for the kind of the project.

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