How uber is using AI to improve the Uber experience for riders and drivers

By arvind |Email | Aug 14, 2018 | 10716 Views

When it comes to AI and its use, ever field be it household, education, marketing all are testing AI and working on it on how to use AI for their use. Uber a peer-to-peer ridesharing, taxi cab, food delivery, and transportation network company to is experiment and putting AI to its betterment. The platform on which uber is operating on is websites and mobile apps, the right use of AI for uber can help them in many ways. Uber has worked around a few AI.

Uber's Profile recommendation

Profile recommendation that the name of uber's new programme. The programme works on reducing the errors when switching between personal and business accounts by the help of machine intelligence. What Uber aim's through this programme is to help its users by recommending them the correct account. While it is not usual for a person to have two accounts, but the ones that have it sometimes forget to switch between the appropriate accounts. Ronnie Gurion GM and Global Head of Uber business wrote in his blog "Using machine learning, Uber can predict which profile and corresponding payment method an employee should be using, and make the appropriate recommendation,". What Uber wants' to achieve with this programme is to identify the purpose of the ride just by the request details. According to numbers presented by Uber about the programme, Uber believes it can determine the correct intention 80 percent of the time. For that remaining 20 percent, when it doesn't get it right, Uber is hoping to simplify corrections too. Another feature of this would be to assign trip reviewers for its business users, Mr. Gurion explained this in the announcement blog by writing, "This new feature not only saves the employee's and administrator's time, but it also cuts down on delays associated with closing out reports,". Uber also announced that it's supporting a slew of new expense reporting software to simplify integration with these systems. They currently have integrations with Certify, Chrome River, Concur and Expensify. They will be adding support for Expensya, Happay, Rydoo, Zeno by Serko and Zoho Expense.

Uber personal price

Uber has admitted using AI to charge customers based on what they are likely to be willing to pay. While uber was using different was to generate you fare which was based on geographical location, the time of the day and the mileage of the vehicle. While the new systems uses the AI and algorithms to tweak price on a number of sociological factors.

Uber patent uses Artificial and Intelligence to tell if you are drunk
When it comes to Uber and AI, Uber has already submitted a patent that uses AI to detect if the customer/passenger are drunk or not, the way they do this by identifying how they use their smartphones. The factors the Uber AI uses to identify the customers abnormal behaviour are, the amount of typos, the speed the customer is walking, how he uses his phones clicking on links other buttons on the phone. According to patent "The user behaviour may be compared against the user's prior behaviour to determine differences in the user behaviour for this request and normal behaviour of prior requests", "The system can alter the parameters of a service based on the prediction about the state of the user requesting the service."
What this does is helps the driver of the Uber to have the power of whether he wants to accept the passenger or not, and let's be honest as a human you should help a drunk person in any way possible, it is not something we all a comfortable in doing it, and a drunk person can sometimes act no less than a hooligan. 

In a statement released by Uber wrote "We are always exploring ways that our technology can help improve the Uber experience for riders and drivers."

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