Why Big Data Analytics is Important and How it is Changing the world?

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Aug 7, 2018 | 11352 Views

The analytics play a vital role in every kind of business because it takes every organization to the next level by reducing major stress in business. There are so many analytics tools has been introduced in the market to analyze data rapidly where this leads to tackle so many trolls in business without relying on others. The data Analytics lets you track business such as your store and generates reports that will help you with current updates on your business.

It also derives the right insights of your business and able to visualize effectively with search based analytics. It gives the ability to analyze all the disparate data sources that companies deal with every day and now the executives iterate and drive solutions in seconds instead of letting months or weeks, Through this insight, businesses may be able to gain an edge over their rivals and make superior business decisions and thus changes the world in all way.

1) Health department: Big data and analytics provide a significant support in the field or area of health care. For e.g.  U have a huge data of the patients of a particular country or state . Now by the proper analysis of this huge amount of data u can classify the kind of diseases, health problems and the percentage of it in that particular area. Based on your results, a proper healthcare plan for that area can be summoned and prepared. Seeing the business perspective, a particular medical company can provide specific medics to that area based on the analysis. 

2) Crime: Getting the data of how many prisoners are there in a particular area, the number of crimes committed, cases registered, weapons confesticated and drug trafficking. Analyzing all these data and then planning a different model for different regions. The security departments can use this analysis to deploy a team with the particular skills for that location. 

3) Science: scientists are using big data analytics to predict the upcoming events in nature like , earthquakes , tornados , floods , rain , draught , Particular weather data of any area is collected and then by the use of analytics , a result is generated to know about the near future happenings . 

4) Business:  This is the area where big data and analytics is playing the most significant and profitable role. Analyzing the market trend based on sales data, demand data etc. after that setting a road map for the future of the company. Stock market analysis (predictive analysis) helps investors to judge that particular stock in which they can invest or withdraw. Big data analytics help in improving the customer satisfaction policies for various companies and brands like Mac D, Wal-Mart and various other brands.

Hence analytics play a vital role in every kind of business because it takes every organization to the next level by reducing major stress in business. So it's very important to gain insights exactly what is going in the system with the help of analytics.

Source: HOB