How Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing can make Life Easier?

By arvind |Email | Aug 3, 2018 | 8247 Views

AI in today's world is a word that is getting all the attention it wants the buzz word of technology. it appears like the time of Jarvis from Iron Man, Samantha from 'Her' and vision again Iron man actually no he wanted to kill every human on this planet bad example, 'Friday' again from Iron Man, wow does this iron guy know anything about AI, leaving comics aside. Artificial intelligence is that activity devoted to making machines intelligent, and intelligence is that quality that enables an entity to function appropriately and with foresight in its environment." AI is growing across industries. We humans have just know started taping into the power of big data and efficient analytics, while AI made a new wave of intelligent automation. Digital marketing is one of the many fields that this wave is disrupting. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing lets marketers focus on creating truly personal, relevant connections with engaged customers.

Do digital marketers need AI?
To automate the work and reduce manual effort marketers have turned to tools and technology every now and then. Data is everywhere. Every customer in the digital space brings with them an amalgamation of data and is constantly creating new data for marketers to understand process and act on. The problem is this: big chunks of data don't necessarily make things any easier. In fact, they can make things so complicated that the first instinct is to abandon the data and go by intuition alone, intuition on the right audience and time to send messages aren't enough to answer a digital marketer's basic questions. This is where AI comes in.

How AI is helping digital marketers create winning products, solutions, campaigns and brands?
Right from text, visualizing business insights, merging of data machine learning and AI is creating smoother and smarter experiences every day. Some areas AI is making life easier.
  • Natural Language Processing:
When a machine is able to learn the process of understanding language, sentiments, feelings, opinions for debating, challenging and collaborating, it makes it easier for brands to understand customers on a larger, more global scale rather than just as separate, local entities.
  • Semantic Analysis:
Semantic analysis is a crucial of natural language processing, it is how a machine identifies the basic logical form meanings of sentences. Semantic analysis is a part of artificial intelligence in digital marketing that is already used in spell checks, social media analysis, sentiment analysis, fact extraction, summarization and more.
  • Segmentation:
One of the most essential ways for businesses today to understand their customers is by categorizing them as cohorts or segments. Segments may vary depending on location, interests, browser and operating system, engagement with a brand or product and more. The artificial intelligence in digital marketing trend today is all about the 'segment of one' and how products and services are marketed to the individual or to a smaller group with more specific interests and goals in mind.
  • Search and Filtering:
From RankBrain answering your search queries and Facebook's Deep Text creating your newsfeed to Klevu's smart e-commerce search, neural networks and machine learning are changing the way online search works. If there's one thing you do almost every day in the digital world it is a Google search. Artificial intelligence in search is definitely here to stay.
  • Website Design:
Thanks to AI self designing websites is a thing in digital marketing. Grid ?¢?? The first company that promised the 'self designing website' has been in private beta since 2014, and still is at the time of publishing this piece. 
  • Website Optimization:
Instead of testing one hypothesis at a time, AI-based tools let you throw a bunch of hypotheses into the software and the evolving algorithm is able to sort and further optimize these inputs into actionable outputs. AI is being used to increase the effectiveness of conversion rate optimization while drastically speeding up the process. The ultimate destination of this technology is complete, machine-driven personalization of websites and online funnels; done in a fraction of the time it takes today's experts to achieve similar results.
  • Chatbox and Messaging:
Whatsapp Messenger to talk to friends, Facebook Messenger to reach out to your local business, or an in-app messenger on your website to talk to customers. Conversational commerce is supposed to be the future this means you can look forward to doing everything from catching up with a friend to shopping online, booking a movie ticket and checking in to your flight on a messenger. But if you're messaging away all the tasks on your to-do-list, who is going to be chatting with you on the other side? Chances are it won't be a 'who' but more like a 'what': AI powered chatbots are being built across industries using open APIs to support specific tasks that you need to get done.
  • Recommendations:
On Facebook, every story on your news feed is a recommendation. Amazon and Netflix are more overt, offering a 'recommended for you' option that you can explore.  Machine Learning and AI powered algorithms that understand every user's behaviour, activities and make recommendations based on the understanding. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing can revolutionize the content of your email inbox and make your daily emails something to look forward to rather than a task to strike off the to-do list. 
  • Content Generation:
Natural Language Generation is the process by which, a machine system produces articles, summaries and other content for users. AI bots seem ideal to handle the smaller news pieces on sports and business that involve compiling simple facts. Associated Press has reported using upto 3000 bot-generated stories in a single quarter, and that number is expected to increase.
  • Business Insights:
Any brand or business that is online needs to look at metrics to grow. The best way to do this is with a dashboard configured to understand the data and numbers working in the background across your verticals and interpret them into visual insights to help business owners make informed decisions faster. Artificial intelligence in digital marketing can here with automated semantics. A process by which computers, browsers can create meaning out of data that users input. It can also be used to provide business insights and dashboards. Companies are already using them.

Source: HOB