Understanding the difference between two Important Concepts: Augmented Reality (AR ) and Virtual Reality (VR)

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jul 16, 2018 | 8460 Views

These days we spend a lot of time looking at screens computers, smartphones and televisions are a big part of our lives they're how we get most of our news use social media watch movies and more. Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technologies changing the way we use screens creating new and exciting interactive experiences. 

Virtual reality also known as VR uses a headset with a built-in screen that displays a virtual environment for you to explore these headsets use a technology called head tracking which allows you to look around the environment. In other words, Virtual Reality or VR is a wholly immersive experience that allows immersive experience that allows the user to interact with new virtual worlds. 
Augmented Reality or AR is a bit different instead of transporting you to a virtual world it takes digital images and layers them on the real world you this is done through the use of either a clear visor or a smartphone. So with VR you could explore a world full of dinosaurs but with AR you could see those dinosaurs moving through the world around you. Both these technologies are growing at a rapid pace and being implemented in a variety of different ways. Surgeon are using VR to practice highly technical surgeries before operating, businesses are using them to give consumers virtual tours of products and locations. There are even applications that can use your smartphone's camera to scan and translate a foreign language in real time as they continue to grow VR and AR have the potential to greatly change almost every industry you'll want to keep an eye on them to see how they might soon affect your job and potentially your everyday life. 
In other words, Augmented Reality or AR allows people to add digital elements into their actual environment. Pokemon Go, Social Apps and even the NFL all use augmented reality. 

So augmented reality adds things to your existing world and virtual reality changes your world. If you are looking to completely escape your office and avoid being interrupted by your annoying co-workers then virtual reality is recommended and possibly finding a new job but if you're looking to upscale up your content and interact with your audience in a smart, thought way then augmented reality is recommended.

As augmented reality presents real opportunities for SMB's now, as well for starters, billions of consumers already own an augmented device like smartphone. Apple and Android are encouraging developers to build augmented reality applications to better connect with their customers. Retailers like Wayfair are already taking advantage of the technology by letting shoppers see how their home would like with a piece of furniture before they buy it. And Bud Light partnered with the NFL to sponsor and augmented reality face painting feature. Augmented reality could have on one to one service interactions.

Source: HOB