A Guide to Career Path towards Blockchain Technology

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 19, 2018 | 12108 Views

Blockchain expertise took the first position on the latest skills in the US job market. This is one of the indication to the person having blockchain skills and now they can start their career. 
While Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency may have been widely known uses of Blockchain technology today, but now it's far from the only one. In fact, blockchain is transforming every industry. The blockchain is ledger that allows all members to record transactions on system so that they are stored safely, secure and incorruptible. 

Blockchain research and adoption requires the leadership and skills of professionals who can build the strategy and develop the blockchain solutions. Here are a few of the hottest positions:

Blockchain developer
Blockchain developers who have the expertise to help companies develop blockchain platforms which are now high in demand. Blockchain development might offer the most healthy career path at the moment, because until solutions are developed, all the benefits of blockchain can't be realized. Some organizations call this role as a blockchain engineer. This is a highly technical position that requires tremendous attention.

Blockchain project manager
A blockchain project manager has the responsibility to connect the dots from an organization's specific business cases for blockchain technology to blockchain experts who will develop the blockchain solution. This expert needs to have the traditional expertise to solve the issues.

Blockchain designer
Now that blockchain is expanding to a variety of industries and now this is not restrict to this level in fact the user interface and design of the blockchain solution is becoming more important. Blockchain designers consider how to design a user experience that create trust and is engaging to an everyday user who made this technology special.

Blockchain quality engineer
Similar to quality assurance engineers in any development environment, a blockchain quality engineer has a responsibility to test and ensure all areas of quality in the blockchain development environment. The specialty of blockchain quality engineers is testing and automation and test frameworks for blockchain. They guide the test strategy for blockchain development and develop and maintain QA test standards.

Blockchain legal consultant
As organizations cope up with the implications of launching new technologies, legal questions arise. Companies are increasingly looking for legal expertise on what they need to consider as they launch blockchain technologies with implications for how business and finance are handled, transactions are tracked and confirmed and how this technology is maintained.

As blockchain technology is continuously evolving, so will the professional opportunities make it possible. Although it's impossible to predict how it will come out with blockchain expertise but this will be more demanding path in the coming years.

Source: HOB