How Artificial Intelligence can empower Government

By Smita Kumari |Email | Jun 18, 2018 | 12261 Views

Artificial intelligence is becoming pervasive day by day. So, can Government be benefited with AI? Researchers believe that AI-based programs can empower public sector in cost reduction, freeing employees from paper work to do more complex tasks and delivering faster services.

Since few years back, researchers are trying to enable computers and machines to do redundant task more efficiently than human and now AI-enabled technologies can play games like chess, recognise face and speech, understands text and voice content input by users, learn from its experience and make informed decisions. AI solutions in business use cases increasing exponentially.

Similarly, public sector has identified potential benefit of artificial intelligence that can transform every facet of Government operation and the way of working and rendering services by Government employees. AI is going to rethink and redesign public sector workflow, change the nature of jobs currently done by employees.
By breaking a "basket full of tasks" done by group of employees into individual task and identifying and analysing the need for automation, many labour hours can be saved or free up from manual tasks to perform more complex tasks. This will reduce huge labour cost and ensure more efficient work.
Ways in which AI can empower Government:
  • Cutting Paper work
AI has pointed out many processes that can be done more efficiently by automating those tasks. This process automation will reduce routine administrative tasks and employees can invest their time in more mission-focused work. Automation will dramatically be cutting the paper work or manual documentations that leads to cost reduction.
Using bot activities like documenting and recording information, data entry, budget reporting, all these can be automated. This empowers government employees to serve citizens need in more effective and efficient manner.
  • Reducing Backlogs and waiting times
AI enabled technologies can reduce waiting lines or delays in delivering services by government employees to citizens. As long waiting lines frustrate citizens and employees both. With the help of cognitive technology employees can access data easily and perform end to end services in massive scale.
  • Resolve citizens grievances
AI-enabled bot can answer citizens query easily and on real time basis. This will help public sector to render seamless services to citizens. These kind of virtual assistant with the help of machine learning can respond queries with around 94% accuracy. AI enabled bot provide faster means of query handling.
  • More accurate predictions
AI and related technologies with the help of data can predict the citizen's behaviour and responses based on their interaction with virtual agents and also can estimated the progress and impact of governments actions and programs. Predictions provide and proactive approach to government to take right actions in case of and difficult situations related to nation and economy.
  • Overcoming resource constraints
AI empowers government in overcoming the resource constraints as AI and related technology provide different means such as sensor reading, Electronic document discovery, Volcano sensor web. These collects ample amount of data which helps government to take more informed decisions rather based on institutions. The combined efforts of human and machines improves the government strength to serve its citizen.
So, AI-enabled applications and technologies can offer potential benefits such as cost reductions, free workers from routine tasks, improves services and more accurate predictions, shifting data in real time, identifying criminal suspects, predict fraudulent activities. It means artificial intelligence offers triple benefits at a point of time that is increase speed, improve quality of work and reduce costs. AI and related technologies empowers government employees to decision making.

Source: HOB