Chatbot Plays a Major Role in Customer Retention

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 13, 2018 | 12123 Views

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) have enabled the development of chatbots. Business owners spend money and time over building effective chatbots so that they act as the first line of communication. Chatbots has made businesses enhance customer care service as well as retention. So, chatbots play a huge role in retaining customers. 

Chatbots are faster and more beneficial than humans when it comes to customer facing tasks. Many customers need to be taken care of instantly, anywhere and anytime. A customer will be happy when his or her queries are resolved immediately on the website, and a satisfied customer is a repeated customer.
  Bots are programmed in a way that they take care of FAQs and repetitive queries. It ensures that customers receive messages from the companies that actually help them out in need. A chatbot is designed in a way where all the necessary information is provided in a catalog. But, sometimes, the best product misses out vital information due to human blunder. This makes a first-time visitor uninterested into buying products from that particular brand. When a customer will be satisfied with complete knowledge it would surely leave a positive impact on them. They would trust the company to provide them with the best assistance and be a repetitive customer. 

There are certain chatbots who collect data. This is a huge advantage for e-commerce shopping businesses. It is because most chatbots have a back-end that collects information about their customers. Chat bots play a huge role in helping brands to personalize customer experience. They collect customer data from every interaction which makes it easier to know more about repetitive customers. 

Business that uses chatbots shows that it is updates with the latest technology trends and wants to provide the best possible service. Using modern technology builds a sense of trust in the business, which will help in retaining more customers.

Consumer interaction increases much more when using social media. And, chatbots excel in it. Interactive conversation is the key to retaining customers once they are already engaged with the brand. Chatbots are more interesting and they attract the customers as well. Then, product integration becomes much easier. Chatbots are used for more than just dealing with queries. They are used for sending birthday greetings or randomly check in with customers who have a previous record of shopping in a website. A chat bot can attract new customers and ensure a higher level of repeat business.

A chatbot saves information about the questions it is able to answer, as well as getting more specific information that can help learn more about the customers. With such information, creation of the next generation of chatbot becomes easier and efficient with customers.

Source: HOB