Indian Navy: Incorporating Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Jun 12, 2018 | 20925 Views

Indian Navy is planning to incorporate big data analytics and artificial intelligence into their operational functioning of the forces. In the conference of the commanders they reviewed the Navy's "Mission Based Deployments".  The purpose of the review is at maximizing benefits ensured from the deployment of Indian Navy ships and aircraft to the dangerous areas within the Indian Ocean Region. 

The commanders also shared their concerns on the security and hardening of the naval data networks with cyber security practices. The commanders also focused on the Navy's modernization plan. They also talk about the several long term pending projects comprising production of mine counter measure vessels, landing platform dock and submarine shallow water craft, diving support vessels and survey vessels. 
The conference also aimed at the new Digital Library and the original digital library will assist to advance data management, collection, and recovery of archived information crossways. The Navy is also leveraging good data management and protection practices as part of a cyber-security enterprise. 
Along with these all India's second indigenous aircraft career was also argued. India is also working on mine-counter vehicles, anti-submarine craft, and other vehicles across various ship-building facilities.

Hence, by incorporating big data analytics and artificial intelligence results in overall improvement of operational logistics, spares management and forecasting and also helps in expenditure management. 

Source: HOB