AI or Cognitive Computing: Understanding the difference between the two

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 28, 2018 | 18102 Views

The increasing use of Artificial intelligence and related technology requires clear understanding of the technologies jargons to boost your learning, build career and do your business. Understanding the difference between AI and Cognitive computing helps to decide which one is best for your business.

What is Artificial Intelligence?
It is the ability of machine to complete the task alike human do. AI enables computers to do things in more smarter way than a human do. With the use of AI over the years, AI can learn to act more efficiently with past experience.

AI could be referred as the umbrella for various technologies such as algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, NLP, robotics that enables computers or machines to perform tasks more intelligently or efficiently. AI provides machines with augmented intelligence that can surpass human intelligence to complete some tasks in terms of accuracy, speed, efficiency etc.

What is Cognitive Computing?
Some experts define cognitive computing is a computing technology that id more focused on reasoning and understanding at higher level. It is the ability that can surpass human cognitive ability to take decisions in complex situations. 
Some believes that it can deal with huge number of data and with the help of analytical tools, it facilitates in complex decision-making process. It facilitates human with cognitive intelligence to take strategic decision in difficult situations.

With the integration of different analytical, predictive and prescriptive tools in cognitive computing, it understands, learns and analyze data to offer user with actionable insights. One of the emerging cognitive computing tasks is Sentiments Analysis to understand the context and nuances in user input data and language used by them.

AI and cognitive computing have some similarities such as both use machine learning algorithms, Natural Language Processing to enhance its capability to perform tasks. Both technologies based on the machines ability to sense, understand, act and learn to perform tasks in more efficient manner. 

Understanding the Difference between these two:
AI is the broader concept and cognitive computing is the sub-technology of artificial intelligence. Where AI is becoming an indispensable part in the implementation of other technologies in business, Cognitive computing is playing significant role in business process transformation.

Some experts believe that both AI and cognitive computing will have different approach to take data driven decisions. AI will solve the problem fully where cognitive computing act as supplement to take more informed decisions. For example, Both AI and cognitive computing have to deal with big data sets related to medical records. Then after analyzing the whole data, AI will suggest best course of action that must be taken to deal patients problem whereas cognitive computing will extract valuable information to support decision making by doctors.
So, we can say that where AI came up with the ability to take better decisions on the behalf of human, cognitive computing supports human to take the final decision.

So, we can say that artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are closely related with each other. Even though they are similar in the intent, both have separate meanings and tendencies to interact with human.  Both technology will see huge advancement and applicability in different use cases to perform the tasks more efficiently.

Source: HOB