Top Languages for Programming Big Data Analysis

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 22, 2018 | 7353 Views

Python, Scala, R and Java are the major languages for big data, data mining and data science. They all have their own fame. These languages are easy to use and understand obviously they have their own pros as corns as well. Following are the top languages for big data analysis.

Python is a super powerful language and the number one language and gained the popularity in most of the trending technologies like data science, data mining, big data, machine learning etc.  If we talk about any big companies like Google, Facebook or startups their engineers have a thorough knowledge about Python. If some want to do analysis and want to implementing their product must have a great understanding of this language to grow up. Python has gained a lot of importance in big data as it is the easiest language to use for data scientists.

R is one of the most popular programming language used for statistical analysis and graphics. It provides the variety of statistical and graphical techniques, and it is highly extensible.  This language is used by statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. One should know the clear understanding and fundamental of mathematical skills to learn the language like R.

  • Java: 
Earlier Java was recently ranked as the most preferred and most versatile language to write and many developers are still using this language. For the increase in demand of android developers and android apps this language is insanely used. For becoming an android developer Java is a great start. On different operating systems we can run this language called Java. Java is one of the most common and lucrative programming language. Java Virtual Machine is the backbone for big data analysis tools like Storm, Spark and Hadoop.

Scala is a general-purpose programming language designed partly to address the criticisms of Java language. Scala is the different language that opposes the other languages like Java and Python in the world of Data Science and now it is becoming more and more popular due to extensive use of Apache Spark in Big data Hadoop industry.

All these are the most popular and useful big data programming languages. They all have their own popularity in this field and we can use these languages. According to the survey these are the best languages for data analysis.

Source: HOB