Top 5 Certifications that can Boost Your Career

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 16, 2018 | 9225 Views

We have seen that many people are sure about their career options but they are bit confused what things needed to achieve that career goal. There are many questions which comes in our mind like How to build career in the recent technologies, how should we begin our career or are their any certifications that will add value to my skills and knowledge.

To answer these questions, below are the list of top 5 certifications

  •    Programming certifications
A programming language is the soul of any technology that has ever taken change. It can be defined as formal language that specifies a set of instructions that can be used to produce various kinds of output. They are used to create programs that implement specific algorithms. So, it is but obvious that Programming language which will never go out of demand. There are lists of programming language that can boost your career. Such as python, Java, C, Java Script, R, SAS SWIFT, SCALA and Type Script. These are the hottest programming language to upscale yourself. 

  •    DEVOPS
It is not about one single tool, it is not owned by one single organization. Since it is a practice and it involves multiple tools, there are certifications for each and every tool separately. The popular tools whose certifications are valued the most are those of JENKINS, DOCKER, PUPPET, CHEF and KUBERNETES. "Certified Jenkins engineer certification" offered by cloud bees costs somewhere around $200. Meanwhile, "System Administration using Puppet" is the certification for Puppet. Remember, before going for any certification, one must have 1-3 years of experience working with that tool, while also having strong IT administration skills.

  •    Business Intelligence and Extract Transform Load (ETL)
With the amount of data store by companies growing exponentially, it is no surprise that finding the right Data Management solution continuously shows upon the priority list of CIOs. Companies needed to translate Data into Information to plan for future business strategies. A BI solution helps in producing accurate reports by extracting data directly from your data source. It reduces the scope of error by providing Managers with accurate data to make better decisions on what is happening now and a forecast for the future. Getting all the data into one central place is a great challenge. Using the extract, out of the extract-transform-load will solve that problem. This would help get you data, different data sources into one homogeneous format.
There are many NI and ETL tools in the market, but the prominent ones are POWER BI, PENTAHO BI, SAS, TABLEAU, INFORMATICA, IBM Cognos, QUILKVIEW, Microsoft BI, TERADATA. They have their individual certifications but clear those certifications one need a structure trainer.

  •    Big Data Certifications
McKenzie predicts that there will be shortage of 1.5 million big data experts in 2018.  If you pursue a big data Hadoop certification, you are recognized in the industry as capable and qualifies big data expert. There are 2 major Hadoop Certifications namely CLOUDERA and HORTONWORKS. Along with these two, EDUREKA provides Hadoop certifications training that covers up the similar curriculum, updated as per the industry de-facto and helps you clearing the cloud era and Hortonworks Hadoop certifications quite easily. CCA, Cloudera certified associate Exams, test your basic foundation skills, and sets forth the ground work for a candidate to certified in CCP, which is Cloudera Certified Professional program.
Cloudera has three certifications namely CCA spark and Hadoop developers, CCA data analyst and CCA administrators. 

  •    Web Development
As we know there always has been high demand for good web developers. Many people learn the fundamental web development on their elevate your knowledge, you must move to get certified. The most popular web developing certifications are Adobe Certified Expert Certifications, Microsoft Developer Certification namely Microsoft Technology associate and Microsoft certified solution developer, Google developer certifications for web development, and Zend Certified PHP Engineer. All of them requires good knowledge of Fundamentals that is HTML and Java Script. Work experience of 1-2 years will provide and advantageous position.

There are many other certifications as well like Project management certifications, Data science certifications and so on. So, one should look for certifications in his/her career field to have an added value among others.

Source: HOB