The Rise of Artificial Intelligence through Deep Learning

By pratosh |Email | May 15, 2018 | 10143 Views

The voice, identifying technology behind devices, such Alexa, and numerous other voice-enabled devices are well at deep learning. So what is artificial neural networks? They are computer programs that empowers the machines to learn and some of the computation that goes on in our brains inspire them. 
So in real neural networks now consider the situation of building a machine that can read and writing at the core of artificial neural networks is the artificial neuron. You see one here and much like real neurons. We have a neuron that connection is connected to the pixels in that picture and the job - and this is much like in fact, real neurons - that some of our neurons are connected to our retina and the job of another official neuron is to detect patterns from its incoming links now much like real brains, which have many neurons artificial neural networks, have many artificial neurons, each doing a different thing, detecting a different type of pattern and then finally, much like in real brains which are organized in distinct regions, each doing a different jobs or Performing a different function in deep, artificial neural  network and this is the core idea behind deep artificial neural networks behind deep learning, and this is meant to mimic some of what we see in the brains of one since the light that hits our Retina will go through multiple different regions of our brain before it eventually reaches an area with neurons that understand more abstract concepts like, for instance, a symbol. Now this might not be surprising that to improve an artificial intelligence that we might need an artificial brain and in fact, as far back as the 1980s and even before, then there were many scientists performing research on designing better artificial neural networks. Just one brain region and in fact there were a lot of scientists that had essentially just given up on the artificial neural networks approach and it wouldn't be uncommon for scientists to submit work at conferences and get reviews at red a little bit. 
Ten years and deep learning is all the rage in academia. It is one of the most popular topic of research in industry. Deep learning technologies are being acquired at the millions of dollars and in the media and press. We can go even further - we are starting to see on social media people, even sharing preliminary results or early implementations of ideas or just ideas for other people, perhaps to implement - and so this hints at a future where different research Labs might actually much more openly and collectively work to make progress towards AI.

Source: HOB