Artificial Intelligence: Popular Terminologies and Concepts

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 15, 2018 | 12981 Views

Artificial Intelligence now becoming more Reality than a buzz word. With more researches and experiments, researchers have found implications of AI in different domain. 
For beginners and students to have better understanding about the emerging technologies and charity about the artificial intelligence, one need to understand the basic terms, concepts related to it.
 Below are the 10 most popular terms related to AI 

  •    Artificial Intelligence
The first and foremost thing to build understanding in AI is to understand what actually Artificial Intelligence is. Artificial intelligence is a computer software application that is able to collect data and perform tasks like human being and take intelligent decision to facilitate problem solving in an organization.

  •    Algorithms
It is defined rules and instructions given to machine to perform the tasks and take decisions. These step by step instructions helps AI to solve the problems. Algorithms are the commands that make artificial intelligence learn about the way to answer the questions and complete their tasks.

  •    Chatbots
Chatbots are the robots requiring AI capabilities to chat with human being in text or voice. Chatbots answer the redundant queries through text messages and voice commands given to them. It is basically used as conversational interface in an organization.

  •    Neural Network
Alike human nervous system which is responsible for functioning of body parts, the neural networks are the nerves of AI which divides the complex work into smaller tasks. These networks help AI to understand the step by step process and solve the complex problems.
  •    Deep learning
It is part of machine learning that deals with huge number of data sets. Deep learning understands the complex structure and relationship of data items by using artificial neural network. Deep learning elevates the understanding of AI with more layers of data. Also, it widens the scope of AI, it means AI can implement those available to data other different tasks as well.

  •    Natural Language Processing
It is the ability of computer system or machine to understand human language. The advancement in AI technologies can understand the human language communicated in text or through voice. So, natural language processing helps AI to understand and interpret the human language.

  •    Machine learning
Machine learning is the engine of Ai with the help of which Ai provide assistance in business management. AI with the help of programmed algorithms perform its function and help in intelligent decision making and the whole process is called machine learning. Sometimes AI and ML is used interchangeably but they are connected to each other.

  •    Data mining
The process of critical examination of data sets to discover hidden patterns and trends to improve the decisions related to future predictions. With the process of data mining, one can extract valuable insights to take data driven decisions and reduce risks of uncertainty.

  •    Autonomous
The term refers to work independently. An AI enabled technology, robots or machines which are able to perform their function independently with any input or human interference called autonomous. For example, driverless electric car.

  •  Heuristic
It is the outcome of experiments and experiences to solve other problems more efficiently in AI. It eliminates the incorrect methods and provide optimal solution to a problem.
Other than these there are some others concepts such as Cluster analysis, cognitive computing, machine intelligence and many more, one need to be familiar with to have a basic understanding of AI and the emerging technologies.

Source: HOB