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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | May 15, 2018 | 12372 Views

The very moment in time when humans create super intelligence - an artificial intelligence that can re-write its own software and becomes just one percent more intelligent that humans have a name. This theoretical event is called the Singularity. Such an AI is known within the scientific community as Artificial Intelligence, all the AI we have created to date is Artificial Narrow Intelligence, or weak. AI, since it only operates within specific boundaries and performs pre-designated tasks, such as shopping recommendations. But a general AI would be essentially creating a sentient being, creating new life. Recently the world s greatest thinkers in the fields of AI and futurism were surveyed on what year they think the singularity will happen, when we will create general AI. The average answer was 2040, just over 20 years from now but some scientists have said it could happen as soon as 2029.

 Our current technology is not even remotely close, but in only 10 years it s highly likely that it will be, because human progression and innovation is and always has been exponential, it is not linear.  In the past 50 years we have made more advances in technology than over the entire history of the human race, and over just the past 10 years, we have made more technological advances than the previous 50 Futurist and chief Google Engineer Ray Kurzweil estimates that by 2021, we will be making more advances and new discoveries in just one year than we have over the entire past century. This is known as the Law of Accelerating Returns 98% of the scientific community agree that the singularity will definitely happen and most of them believe it will happen in our lifetimes.

Well, the fact is, we do not know and we can never know, until the moment it happens. One thing that all AI researchers agree strongly on is that when the singularity happens one of two extremes will happen - the human race will either become extinct or become immortal. When creating AI we are essentially creating a god, and we can t know if it will be a kind god or an evil god until it s too late. This is because the AI will be so many magnitudes smarter than us, so our puny minds can t even begin to imagine what a being of such supreme intelligence would be interested in.

 What would its desires, hopes, ideologies and morals be If this omniscient AI turns out to be a merciful god the future will be an incredibly exciting time but we will look at that in a minute. Let s first take a look at scenario number one, the extinction of the human race Because, you know, it s nice to get all the doom and gloom out of the way If evolution has taught us one thing it s that a species will do whatever it can in its power to survive and reproduce.

 There s no reason why AI would be any different. Our planet contains limited resources and if the AI deems the entire human race as an unnecessary consumer of said precious resources, then it could decide to terminate us to free up all those lovely resources and energy. The only reason humans are civil and decent to other humans, most of the time, is because they view them as intelligent beings.

Source: HOB