Improve Customer engagement using digital channels in Healthcare Industry

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 10, 2018 | 8433 Views

In the era of digital revolution, where other industry like banking, media, transportation have adopted technologies, medical companies and health care industry still in adoption curve. The impact of emerging digital channels attracting the interest of industry players for more investment.

The adoption of digital channels by customers, patients and practitioners are changing the expectations of customers and delivery process of healthcare product and services. So, companies need to develop expertise in different digital channels to engage large number of diversified customers and groups.

The digital move in medical companies is changing the way customers interact, the way physician gathers information, the way they connect with pharmaceutical companies for medical product.

With the emerging digital channels, the face to face interaction among physicians and pharma companies are reducing. Pharma companies and their sales representative can engage more physicians with mobile apps to deliver them more personalised services and information about content usage and customer responses.

The integration of digital channels with traditional communication channel is changing the marketing practices. Today physicians show less interest to meet people face to face to collect data. Digital channel has changed the way they gather information in their profession and provide practitioner with information as per their need. 
The emergence of more sophisticated electronic channels and technology such as virtual reality, miniaturized devices and sensors help practitioners to collect patients data on a real time data. Integrating these data with analytics, medical doctors and practitioner can provide more accurate and transparent usage and impact of medical products and devices.

The use of digital content and real time data collected through digital channels are making significant impact on practitioners' research and discussion and this ultimately result in service delivery process to patients.

Research shows that 725 of doctors believe that integrating their services social media and digital channels improves the quality of services and care for patients. Now a day practitioner also prefers digital journals and online publications to upgrade their understanding on the disease and their mechanism and learn new therapies and solutions to different health issues. Many professionals believe that digital channel helps them to get a broader view about any case related questions. A research proved that 80% of the patients in United Kingdom look for researches and solutions online before consulting to a doctor.

 Digital transformation results in personalised experience in medical profession and enhance the efficiency of doctors and practitioners to deal with patient, still the healthcare industry is lacking in adopting these technologies.

The biggest challenges pharmaceutical companies faced with in digital channel is complying with legal regulations and following good promotional practices and meeting standard operating procedures.

Despite these hurdles, digital channel provides lots of opportunity to reduce waiting time for patients, improve service delivery, engage more physicians, save cost, elevate professional knowledge and improve efficiency.

Source: HOB