How to retain Employees Using AI enabled technology

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 9, 2018 | 15822 Views

With the growing complexities, business organisations have understood that alike customers, employees are the central resource of an organisation. Now, organisation believes that human beings are capital rather than resource, investment on which will yield a return to the organisation.

Today where organisations on the one hand trying to integrating AI enabled chatbots, virtual assistance, customer support assistance, algorithm, deep learning to enhance customer experience are facing employees' retention as the biggest challenge.

Employees Turnover involves huge cost in terms of identifying, acquiring, training and development of new talent to fill the vacant position. It also involves cost in terms of time, effort, money wasted and reduction in productivity.

Researchers have identified that artificial Intelligence has the potential to overcome the problem of high attrition rate. So, with the implementation of AI, organisations are trying to automate the business processes to simplify the work experience and improve efficiency and productivity.

AI solution to reduce Employees Turnover:
  • Empower Employees with better technology

AI with its different technology such as integrating chatbots, machine learning, deep learning and automating process in different use cases empower employees to perform their task in better way. AI helps to improve employees' capability to provide customer more personalised interaction and prompt solution to their problems and better services and support to the customer. Empowering employees with these technological solutions enhance the customer experience and help employees to attain their target or accomplish their goals.
  • Improve Job Satisfaction

Ai enabled technology improve the workplace efficiency and simplify the work experience. AI enables employees to take prompt decision and resolve customer queries. It also helps employees to analyse the problem and recomend solutions to their supervisor. This improves the attitude of employees towards their job, build strong relationship with their supervisor and result in job satisfaction.

  •  Encourage employees Engagement

AI helps an employee to improve their efficiency and contribute more to the organisation. This increases employee satisfaction towards their job and encourage employees' engagement. Ai technology integrated with employee feedback provide an opportunity to HR manager to resolve employees' grievances. It also provides a kind of expertise in leadership role to motivate employees, engage employees and counsel them at right time based on their past records and interaction.

  • Talent Management

AI predictive capabilities provide assistance to HR manager in improving the overall experience of an employee. The various analytical model and predictive tools of Artificial Intelligence helps HR Department to identify the reason of employees' dissatisfaction and provide solution as well. AI also gives an idea about when employees need training and they must be provided with promotion.

Thus, AI enabled chatbots, virtual assistance, predictive analytics provide solution to improve employees' efficiency and productivity, encourage employee engagement and enhances job satisfaction. This reduces attrition rate in the organisation. AI also provide early warning signal of employees' dissatisfaction and employees turnover. HR manager can provide training to employees, offer promotion and counsel at right time as retaining developing new talent is costlier that retaining existing one.

Source: HOB