How Automation Is Changing Face of Labour in India?

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | May 4, 2018 | 7452 Views

Automation is a reality now. There is no doubt that we can left automation at the workplace. Same as the  computer's replaced typewriters. The automation, similarly is expected to create billions of industry. As a company and as employees we have to save our tomorrow and prepare for day-after tomorrow.  The face of labour is changing, and automation, adoption of robots has started making repetitive and assembly line kind of jobs redundant, and this basically improves the employees productivity.

Not only the services sector even manufacturing sector in India is also adopting automation. Leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki India Ltd now has one robot for almost every four workers it deploys some 5,000 robots at their Manesar and Gurgaon plants.

Now a days the Automation and Robots are adopting globally in the various sectors like automobiles, pharma, IT and ITES, financials the labour force is changing and it will continue in India for the next several years. The demand for new skills, the workers and the management will have to change or help in the transition, during this transition phase you will see job losses, we can't claim the reason that because of automation all are jobless. 

All level of jobs are getting automated, the mid-level process and project management jobs are at risk too.
But companies don't say it in as many words while retrenching people, they take help of the appraisal season to sack workers and adopt high-level technology. It cuts their cost.

However many experts think that due to automation there is a fear of jobless, more jobs will be created for well-skilled personnel and here all stakeholders the government, companies, educational institutions and workers have a role to play.

Source: HOB