Top 5 Technology Buzz Words one must be aware with

By Smita Kumari |Email | May 3, 2018 | 12813 Views

In the fast-changing technological era, one needs to keep himself/herself to be updated with the technology that is emerging or having great influence in our life. Being updated with trends, market conditions and technology helps in cope up with the changes and move in a right direction.

Every year comes with few buzzwords related to technology which everyone talks about or which has the significant impact on business processes, people's lifestyle. Here are the Five technology which experts are talking about and corporate houses are trying to leverage its benefits.

Internet of Things (IoT):

With the advancement in technology, the internet of things is fastest growing topics since 2017 and it will continue to capture the attention of tech-users. Internet of things is connecting more and more devices with internet and share values. 

Today, we live in the society with hyperconnection. With increasing internet-connected devices and networks, the opportunities and threats both are increasing. This is changing the way we live, the way we interact and the way we do our business. On the one hand it is improving our efficiency such as notifying in advance for being late in case you stuck in heavy traffic to another party, placing automatic order of materials if it reaches below the minimum inventory level to the suppliers and much more and on the other hand it possesses the biggest challenge that is data security (with increasing connections the security comes in question).

Artificial Intelligence:

Experts are continuously talking about Artificial Intelligence and their implication in organisations, still, AI has less feasibility. With the advancement in AI, a computer is now able to think a little like a human and take decisions by using data. Currently, AI is equipped with machine language that can perform only predefined specific tasks and actions. Nowadays AI works on algorithm and answers on the various input programmed. Interest in AI is growing day by day and people are doing research how AI can impact our life, jobs and business functioning.


We are living in the age of Robotics were a machine is replacing human being from doing redundant activities. Many people are afraid that robots will eat the jobs and completely replace employees. But it is not true. Robots are providing high-quality parts and components and finished goods in a manufacturing industry, especially in automobiles. It is going to other industry as well.

Data Analytics:

Data Analytics is an emerging field having implications in almost every functional area. Data analytics uses big data available and analytical tools that facilitate information as the crucial resource having a competitive advantage. Various statistical tools such as trend analysis, regression model and inferential tools are used to covert big data into meaningful insights to make informed decisions.

Block Chain:

It has gained importance when the prices of bitcoin rise more than gold. Now a day's people are talking to invest in bitcoin but very few are aware of blockchain technology and bitcoin. Blockchain is a digital ledger that keeps records of all virtual transaction facilitates dissemination of information but prohibits to copy it. It works with bitcoin which is virtual or digital gold.

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