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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | May 3, 2018 | 8448 Views

Millennial have often led older Americans in their acceptation and use of technical school , and this largely holds true today. But there has also been significant growth in tech adoption in recent years among older generations particularly GenXers and Infant Boomers.

More than nine in ten Millennial  92%  own smart phones, compared with 85% of Gen Xers  those who turned 38 to 53 this yr  , 67% of Baby Boomer  ages 54 to 72  and XXX % of the Silent Generation  ages 73 to 90  , according to a new analysis of Pew Research Center data. Similarly, the vast bulk of Millennial 85% say they use social media. For instance, significantly larger share of Millennial have adopted relatively new platforms such as Integra 52% and Snap chat 47% than older generations have this analysis reflects the Center s recent decision to establish 1996 as the final birth year of Millennial, marking that generation as those who turn ages 22 to 37 this year.  Those born in 1997 or later are post millennial. 

Unlike with smart phones and social media, Gen Xers have outpaced Millennial in tablet ownership for several years. The break between them now stands at 10 percentage points, as 64% of Gen Xers and 54% of Millennial say they own lozenge. A legal age of Gen Xers also says they have broadband service at house. Some 73% of Gen Xers have home broadband, compared with 66% boomer and 34% of Silentâ??s.
And while the share of social media users among Millennial has remained largely unchanged since 2012, the dimension of Gen Xers who use social media has upgrade by 11 part points during this time flow. As a result, comparable shares of Gen Xers and Millennial now paper using Facebook 76% and 82%, respectively.

Boomer continue to trail both Gen Xers and Millennial on most measures of engineering adoption , but adoption rates for this chemical group have been growing rapidly in Holocene epoch led . Boomers are now far more likely to own a Smartphone than they were in 2011 67% now versus 25% then. Further, roughly half  52%  of Boomers now say they own a tablet calculator , and a majority  57%  now use social media.

Though Boomers have been enthusiastically adopting a range of technologies in recent years, members of the Silent Generation are less likely to have done so. Three in ten Silent's 30% report owning a Smartphone and fewer 25% indicate that they have a tablet computer or use social media 23%. Previous Pew Research Center surveys have found that the oldest adults face some unique barriers to adopting new technologies from a lack of confidence in using new technologies, to physical challenges manipulating various devices.
In gain to these differences in their use of various engineering science, American across generations also differ in their overall vista of the broad impact of the net. 

Regardless of generation, the vast bulk of those who go online think the internet has been goodness for them personally. But younger internet user are more likely than older Americans who use internet to say the internet has had a positive impact on society  73% of online Millennial believe that internet has been mostly a good matter for society, compared with 63% of users.

Source: HOB