Which Programming Language Do I Master?

By Kimberly Cook |Email | Apr 24, 2018 | 11274 Views

It all started when futuristic technologists started to code 'Assembly'. This allowed them to build programs which they now wanted to run at tremendous speeds.

The arrival of 'FORTRAN', a higher level programming language brought along a new and faster way. In fact, Physicists still make use of it for applications such as astrophysical modelling of stars and galaxies, hydrodynamics codes, large scale molecular dynamics and electronic structure calculation codes.

After a few years, as soon as 'C' became accessible, everyone began to write their programs, declare their variables and manage their memory. Then 'Visual Basic' appeared and people found it to be a better way and proved handy to a lot of developers.

After a few more years, 'Lotus Notes' began to establish its presence as a heavyweight that created CGI programs that will run fast and deliver custom data to their very own http daemon. That was when 'HTML' came into the picture as a hard core programming tool.

Today, with 'Rails' and 'CodeIgniter' trying to establish itself as the fastest tools out there, many others ironically have begun to use 'WordPress'. And then there is 'Python'; 'JavaScript'; 'C#', 'Scala', 'Go', 'Swift' and many more. 

If you are wondering which language to master in today's age of technology led disruption, then there isn't any right answer. Breakthroughs in AI / ML / NLP will lead to automation led software development even before we know it. The answer really depends on many factors including the kind of business you have, the kind of projects you would like to take up, the sort of resources you have at your disposal and much more.

The only thing that counts is if you can create or build a software solution which works well, fast and actually delights the client, then you my friend are a 'Solution Engineer'.

If you are having a hard time finding a programmer who has mastery over the language of your choice, or if you are looking for a software engineer regardless of what language they have been programming in as long as they are ready to step onto a new platform, then please connect with me here or write to me at jefin.j@careerxperts.com

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