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Currently a Marketing summer intern at ValueFirst Digital Media Pvt. Ltd

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By lavinaagarwal |Email | Apr 24, 2018 | 29799 Views

Natural language processing is expertises that combine big data and artificial intelligence mutually. Nowadays visitors have options like to order delivery and meal kit services that threaten to disrupt margin-accretive dine-in business. And as, a deep understanding of guest expectations is more significant than ever ahead of.  NLP helps one computerize key guest insights to give one the higher offer.
The following are descriptions of some capabilities available with NLU platforms. 

The first is Discern Intent that is where the intent of a customer can be discerned by the processing of a complete utterance. However, grammatically complete sentences aren't necessarily common in the customer engagement environment, so one needs to use contextual and metadata elements to manage the conversation to a successful conclusion. When trying to retrieve a stock quote, for example, a customer may ask, like tell me what Alphabet is trading at right now. It's discerned the customer's intent to retrieve a stock quote.

 And the second is Disambiguation wherein customer engagements are less prone to uncertainty than some other forms of conversational AI, and so tend not to require disambiguation as often. This is because interactions focus on a group of customer attributes, products, or services and not the universe. This doesn't mean a customer will never say something ambiguous or contradictory, like Ship my order to my home address, no, on second thought, please send it to my work address.  This leaves the machine to disambiguate the confused messaging. In these types of cases, one would want your AI assistant to recite a confirmation:  Just to confirm, one want your order shipped to your work address?  This confirmation step will provide the machine with an affirmation of correctness it can use to prevent further misunderstanding and aid in the machine learning process.

Voice feedback is also cost-effective and fast to add to your pay-at-the-table tablets by simply allowing guests to enable the microphone, which will work together with software development kits. Voice feedback uses natural language processing to deliver real-time manager alerts, rich qualitative assessments of your menu and operations, and sentiment scores about both the total guest experience and nearly every subtle aspect of the guest experience imaginable.

It uses two machine learning technologies, speech recognition and natural language processing. Google has recently promoted Cloud Speech API and Cloud Natural Language API to general availability. This was an important signal from Google that machine learning algorithms used to understand complex human speech and natural language expressions are fully trained for enterprise customers.

An advanced marketing use of voice feedback deployments using Cloud Natural Language is programmatic vertical targeting by geography in Google AdWords advertising service. After prompting guests to casually describe categories and events that interest them, one can then enlist your media agency to make ad placements that target exactly the associated verticals and even correlate the messaging in these placements to the highest-ranked voice feedback about the menu or customer experience from the same target group. Advanced strategies like this leverage the full potential of voice feedback to increase uplift and ROI from your marketing budgets.

Source: HOB