Oracle steps up its cloud services with AI & ML

By pratosh |Email | Apr 19, 2018 | 20241 Views

Oracle, which currently employs 40000 people in India, has briefed its cloud and security market to the growing demand from the enterprise market. 

With a lot of new services, the company is gearing up for autonomous services which are rendered along PaaS that include software's self-patching autonomous database, autonomous warehouses. The company is planning to launch its real-times online transaction. Using AI and ML, autonomous servers will likely lower the cost, reduce risk and get predictive insights. 

On its SaaS front, the company is applying AI and ML capabilities, which understands user behavior and optimizes the access for feature functionalities. 

Talking to ET, Ravi Pinto, Director, Product Management, Oracle Cloud Platform says that though cloud is being adapted, sectors like manufacturing, banking are still reluctant to accept the technology. A BSA report, which was launched recently, also cites that cloud adoption in India has braked down over the last two years when equated to countries like Japan and Singapore.

He adds, "In the cloud economy, businesses are always looking for ground-breaking ways to increase their developer velocity and agility, to accelerate digital transformation. Developers are gradually choosing open, cloud-neutral, and community-driven container-native software stacks that enable them to avoid cloud lock-in and to run in a true hybrid mode, so they can use the same stack in the cloud for that matter on any cloud, as they run on-premises."

The company anticipates that over the next few years, the key share of demands will be in blockchain, machine learning, catboats, and artificial intelligence.

"AI or ML is not new as research has been going on for 40 years but the cloud enables you to get data which then easily lets you calculate making the technology easy," adds Pinto

Source: HOB