Let Artificial Intelligence Find Perfect Match

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Apr 16, 2018 | 14625 Views

It was only a matter of time, but Artificial Intelligence has actually made its entry into the Indian matchmaking sector. AI is looking to change the way traditional matchmaking sites offer matches in India by taking into account six relationship dimensions including emotional, intellectual, relationship, moral values. It will use these and more to offer matches driven by machine learning (ML) algorithm. 

Betterhalf.AI, launched by Pawan Gupta and Rahul Namdev, has created a grid of verified working professionals at companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Adobe and Accenture and applied a six level verification system adding Facebook profiles, personal email, phone number, work email and government ID.  Mission is to build world's largest partner prediction engine. We live in a tech world today where we have prediction for self-driving cars.

Better half's AI engine uses the technology at five different stage during registration, pre-chat stage, product gamification, post chat stage and removal of any biased data using ML. Users can sign up for the service by giving answers to 16 personality questions, which are used to find suitable matches. We use the user's basic partner preferences (Age Range, Height, Caste, Religion, Location, Education, Salary etc.) to filter and rank those matches. This is how users receive matches and as they interact with more number of users, their matches improve over time, thereby leading them to find a compatible partner sooner with whom they are likely to be happier.

The machine learning algorithm also improves with time and as users spend more time on Betterhalf.AI. For example, if a user has visited 10 matches and five have mentioned that they like to travel, now if the user spends more time with these profiles then the system learns that this particular user is interested in matches who actually like travelling. Betterhalf.AI also has a private ratings and feedback option that the company says helps it to filter out the non-serious and creepy daters off the platform. Currently available for desktop, the 10 member team of Betterhalf.AI is working on mobile app for Android and iOS.

At Better half, we take data security and privacy of user data very seriously. Firstly, we have stated clearly in our privacy policy that Better half does not share, rent or sell any of personal or sensitive information with any third party. Once the matches are done, the company plans to tap their post marriage relationship happiness to offer users an even better AI-based partner prediction service.

Source: HOB