Areas of Marketing Campaign where AI can help

By Jyoti Nigania |Email | Mar 15, 2018 | 10560 Views

We are living in the 21st century and it is an era of technology and innovations. Every day or the other there is a new discovery happening whether it is in the field of science, technology, computers, robotics or any other. The world is evolving is very rapidly with the emergence of various technologies and we all have to cop-up with these technologies to survive in the market.

If we look back, there is a huge progress in the field of technology and innovations. Many technologies emerge as the future starts and today, some of them are on their way up in the industry. Technologies like Machine Learning, artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, ChatBots, Wearable Devices, Drone, etc. The aim of discovering all these modern technologies is to improve the quality of life of the common people and make their daily job much easier than ever before. Many business and industrialist have heavily invested in this technologies and they are reaping rich rewards in the recent times. Out of all these technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has raised its standard tremendously in the last 4-5 years.
 Whether talking about Mobile Banking, Marketing, Finance, HealthCare, Aeronautics, Computer Science, Human Resource, News, Transportation or any other area, AI is used everywhere nowadays. When AI was bursting onto the scene, many experts and scientists had doubts regarding its accuracy and precision, but the way it has evolved in the last 3 years or so has made many experts eat their words back.
 Today, AI has emerged as the biggest player in the market and those who will not adopt AI in the near future will be shown the door. I don't say this thing blindly, there are few stats which will surely make you believe that AI is the future. According to a survey of Gartner, AI will create 2.3 million jobs in 2020, while eliminating 1.8 million. Another survey of the Indian Express suggests that 70% of the Indian Firms will deploy AI by 2020.  The combination of Marketing and AI is considering lethal by many experts and it is believed that many marketing agencies have started to integrate AI into their campaign. If you're running your own business or if you're working in a marketing industry, then it is very critical to know about AI & how it can help your campaign. 

Areas of marketing campaign where AI can be most effective as helps to generate maximum ROI for product, business and company. 

  • Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the most fundamental step of any marketing campaign. If you're a marketer, you should know the importance of lead generation in the whole sales funnel. 

To generate the lead, you need to understand and process the marketing data. Now, if you talk about human, there is a chance that it may make mistake, but if you talk about AI, it has better processing capabilities and intelligence system than the humans. 

In addition to that, if you can integrate AI into your lead generation process, it will increase the speed of the whole business process which will eventually help you to generate maximum ROI for your business.
  •  Lead Nurturing

After lead generation, the next step is about Lead Nurturing. It's great to have new leads, but without nurturing them properly, you will not get any benefit for your business.  

As you know that, lead nurturing is all about maintain a relationship with your potential clients and communicate about the solution for them. Till now, this part was also played well by the humans as try to convince the customers. But, if you can integrate AI into the lead nurturing process it will not only help you to maintain a great relationship with the client but also helps you in improve the communication process with the help of the ChatBots. 

  • Marketing Data

Data plays such an integral role in any marketing campaign. It's not about finding the data but it's about finding the right data which can possibly convert into your leads.  

Now, in the earlier times, many marketing companies were finding the data manually by conducting research on the internet. But, in that process, many times data was lost or the wrong data was placed into the spreadsheet due to the human error. 

Instead of that, if you can use the marketing automation software which is based on AI for finding the marketing data, then it works like a wonder for you. This software not only finds the accurate data but also help you to find the data at a rapid pace. 
  •  Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement is one of the most crucial aspects of any marketing campaign. If people are not able to engage with your brand, then it will cost your business very badly.

So far, Brand Engagement was done using the Social Media Marketing or Email Marketing where you send a generalized message to your target audience about your product or service to make them aware that you're in the market. 

But what happens in this kind of messages is most of the people will ignore your message due to lack of personalization. Instead of that, if you use AI, it will develop a sense of personalization with your customers which increase the chance of brand engagement. 

  •  Meaningful Conversations

Having conversations with your customers on regular basis is necessary for your marketing campaign as it will allow to understand their need and provide a solution for that.
Conversation can help you establish a great relationship with your customers but it has to be a meaningful one. Just sending a message without any purpose, won't do any good for your campaign. That's where the role of ChatBots which is part of AI comes into play. 

Tech giants like Facebook & Google are using ChatBots for meaningful conversations with their customers and they have reaped rich rewards out of that tactic. After implementing ChatBots, there is a massive increase in their lead generation and revenue. 

  • Customer Support

Last but not the least is Customer Support. Customer Support has been one of the major areas of concern as far any small, medium or large business is concerned. 
As the customer often need help, having a call center or chat center is necessary but with the human, there are some restrictions such as it is impossible to set up 24x7 customer service as humans don't have a capacity work 24 hours with utmost efficiency.   

That's when the role of AI comes into the picture as it allows you manage the customer support in a better way with the help of new ChatBots. In addition to that, it also saves your valuable time as the money that you were spending behind the manpower.

The aim of discovering all these modern technologies is to improve the quality of life of the common people and make their daily job much easier than ever before. The combination of Marketing and AI is considering lethal by many experts and it is believed that many marketing agencies have started to integrate AI into their campaign hence ROI can also be increased.

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