I am a marketing intern at Valuefirst Digital Media. I write blogs on AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Automation etc for House of Bots. ...

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I am a marketing intern at Valuefirst Digital Media. I write blogs on AI, Machine Learning, Chatbots, Automation etc for House of Bots.

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By shiwaneeg |Email | Feb 22, 2018 | 16644 Views

Digital infrastructure is vital for us. There are a lot of conversations going on about the impact that emerging and current technology have on our society. 

We feel that technology is bad, while it actually isn't. It is bad if we choose to use it in bad ways. Technology is moreover directed towards communicating with each other and making us close to each other.

Tristan Harris, ex design ethicist and product philosopher, Google, said, "We need our smartphones, notifications screens and web browsers to be exoskeletons for our minds and interpersonal relationships that put our values, not our impulses, first."

If AI had helped in communicating, it is the responsibility of the employees to also use apps cautiously as well as smartly. Amir Salihefendic, CEO, Doist used Slack with his team but decided to leave the app after two years. It was actually affecting real communication between employees. 

Slack was addictive, demanded instant answers, promoted shallow conversations and wasn't really about having transparent conversations at all, as there was too much content. Employees were spending on average 10 hours a day in the app.

Thus, Amir and his team designed a new messaging app that worked for them. It allowed people to have time off from the app and was built on promoting well-being and productivity. They made their technology more human-centric.

Some software is in the process to build. The idea behind them is to help improve communication. It also helps us to make space for relationship building. Some examples of software which helps in maintaining proper communication are: 

Nimble is a CRM tool that helps to find the right contact and stay in touch with them. It gives customers with methods of measuring level of interaction with a contact. Nimble has artificial intelligence built-in. It reminds customer to keep in touch with contacts and helps in finding the right contact information faster than finding it manually. Lastly, Nimble reminds customer to chat and connect with contacts.

Nudge analyzes customer's entire network and directs towards new, useful relationship opportunities. The customers can receive real-time information about notable people in their own network and in friends' networks, too. This moves them closer towards new and valuable relationships.

OutreachPlus allows to send out emails to multiple people simultaneously from customer's email account, and also allows to personalize each email. It includes unlimited variables and follow-up sequences which  a customer can address automatically. This saves time and helps in making connections with people based on their interests.

Humans need to keep building and using technology that allows us to be better humans, not technology that avoids real conversations and keeps us behind a screen on messaging apps for 12 hours a day. We should use technology that encourages us to keep in touch, make connections and build meaningful relationships. Then, we can build better lives personally as well as professionally. Thus, technology helps to unlock and enables conversations for better communication.

Source: HOB