Why use PHP over other Languages?

By ridhigrg |Email | Mar 23, 2020 | 4677 Views

There's been a lot of debate over whether to use PHP over other languages to build a better website. However, a proper conclusion still seems a distant proposition. There are however a few clear attributes that make PHP a much sought after language and the reason why most websites are looking to hire PHP developers.

Easy to Manage - PHP comes with a normal setting of 1-1 correspondence between files and URLs. This is a great advantage as it helps users (programmers, designers, and others) in creating pages and making edits. This feature comes in handy while working on static websites that have a large base of content in it. Making subtle changes to such pages would otherwise require a good deal of over-engineering, but with a PHP framework, it becomes easier.

Easy to Scale - PHP is easier to scale which makes it all the more transparent to use. Those looking to understand the minutest of details of code can get a better understanding of it with PHP. Those programming in a much complex framework than PHP would have to make their way through the nitty-gritty of various classes and subclasses to actually understand how exactly the code is working. Hence using PHP makes it easier to follow and save time as well.

More Reliable - What makes PHP a more reliable framework to work on is a separated isolate process within 'Apache'. Hence even if there is some glitch in any one of the processes, the website would still remain virtually unaffected. This is especially helpful for those websites which have a high traffic rate and cannot afford to go down even for a tad while. This is the prime reason why many e-commerce websites implement a PHP framework for web development. Therefore many such e-commerce companies looking to hire PHP developers.

Easy to Deploy - Deployment is a mighty easy job with PHP than with other frameworks. Merely copying the files would do. For those who are more efficient can 'sun up' the files or 'sync' it. Hence, it also saves a good deal of time and reduces the turn-around time (TAT) of business deliverables which makes it a much sought after framework.

So, those with a newer website or with an e-commerce website should preferably hire PHP developers as they will help in developing a more streamlined website that can be easily scaled and managed by all. Besides the above-mentioned advantages, PHP also has various other benefits too. For instance, it offers a decent selection of CMS such as Expression Engine, Drupal, WordPress, etc.

Source: HOB