The Human Race and Artificial Intelligence

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 29, 2020 | 4578 Views

Human beings are endowed with the most developed brain of all the species to ever inhabit this planet called the earth. This unique feature makes humans to continually seek change and development. The everlasting thirst for knowledge and to improve efficiency has led them to the discovery of artificial intelligence; computer technology.

The computer or information technology has had a profound impact on almost all aspects of human life since its inception. Not only the social aspects are affected but also the financial ones to are profoundly influenced.

The computer technology which can be considered as a recent phenomenon when viewed on the scale of the history of the world has made progress in leaps and bounds in a matter of a mere decade or so. No one could have imagined the true effect of this emerging technology only a short while ago.

The Internet is the biggest pawn in computer technology. With just a click of a button, a vast universe of information is opened in front of the user and that too in the privacy of one's own home or office. There is a wide array of search engines available that have the ability to fetch massive loads of required information within a fraction of a second. The latest web applications which are undergoing rapid changes are targeting more interactive options. Today the focus is to provide safe, convenient and user-friendly applications.

Not only the internet acts as a highway for information, but it is also a magical means of communication between friends and family and can bridge a gap of thousands of kilometers. The distances are shrinking and the whole world has become one big global village.

E-commerce is yet another useful utility that is ever-evolving and is making its effect felt in the financial sector. The user has the option and power to transact with the vendors in a secure environment and the deals can be closed within seconds.

The education sector is one big beneficiary of this marvelous technology. Accumulation and sharing of knowledge related to social as well as the technical subjects have transformed the way of imparting education, thanks to the computer-related technologies. Not only the stand-alone computer tools are a useful accompaniment to the education, but also the networked systems are a convenient and efficient means of knowledge accumulation and sharing.

The industries too are utilizing the information technology not only for maintaining databases but also in their manufacturing processes. The use of this technology not only makes the management much easier for the stakeholders but also translates into much better revenue generation.

The developments in the software and the hardware both have been phenomenal in recent years and the trend is expected to continue into the future with more momentum and to have profound effects on human society as well as financial aspects.

Thus one can safely vouch that the future of the information technology is by all means very promising which will have even more enhanced positive effects on the lives of modern-day human beings.

Source: HOB