How will the Education system get molded through Machine Learning?

By ridhigrg |Email | Jan 6, 2020 | 4320 Views

Technology and the emergence of Artificial Intelligence are influencing how the world is operating. This influence can either be positive or negative. Custom resume writing service is a great tool. But with the right AI tools, one could be able to have their resume written in a matter of minutes. Well, you may be wondering if machines are necessary for the education system. Take a look at what machine learning can do for the education department.

Personalized learning in schools
One of the biggest benefits of machines learning to education is that tutors will be able to personalize learning. It will be easy for teachers to be able to concentrate on a student's strengths and abilities. Teachers will have free time which they can use to check on how students are using their time. By doing this, they will be able to know how they can tailor the curriculum to cover all the students' needs. 

Machine learning in education will also help teachers track how each student is understanding a particular topic. This will enable teachers to know which teaching method works better with the students. The teachers will also be able to make improvements where necessary or come up with new methods.

Unbiased grading in AI software
In the near future, teachers will be able to use machines to examine student's assignments.  Through the robots, the student will know which areas they need to improve on. From there the bots will grade each student. 

In most cases, there is bias when it comes to grading. The attitude that a professor has towards a student may affect the grade they award. AI has the ability to decrease grading bias. This is because the human factor will not be in use. Machine-learning education will eliminate this from the education system. Students will receive grades according to their performance. However, teachers will still have an important role to play. Their wisdom will still be important in checking students' discipline, class participation and how well they get along in school.

Predicting Career Paths
Cutting-edge machine learning prediction models can help teachers collect student's details. These details may either be college application, teacher's recommendation, essays, school tests, and grades. This information will help to determine which areas a student can excel in. There are software firms that are in the process of creating software that will do this. For example, if a student decides to use cheap essay writing for their assignment, the machine will be able to tell it is not their work. From there, the machines will alert the teacher who will then take the necessary action. 

Other developers are trying to come up with machine learning prediction software that can predict a student's performance. For example, if a student's results go down, the program will be able to predict how the student will perform in the future if they do not take the correct measures. From these predictions, a tutor can come up with measures and ways to help the student.

A More Customized Learning Experience
All students are not the same and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. A student may perform well in one subject and fail in another. It may be difficult for teachers to tell what a student's strengths and weaknesses are. This may lead to some students not getting the necessary attention in their weak areas. Teachers may also have problems in coming up with programs that they can use to help the students.

In the future, robots will have the ability to generate reports on every student. These machines will suggest ideas according to the student's strengths. The students can then use these ideas in their education. The professors can use the same machines to check if the students are using the concepts well. The idea of all this is to make sure that tutors know which methods are working well with their students and which are not. From there, the teachers can come up with better ways to help the student understand education better.

Less Bias in Grading
With the advancement in technology, teachers will be able to use machines to help them examine their students. From here, tutors will be able to know how well students are understanding subjects. The grades that the students get will also help the teachers know if the methods they are using are effective. This will only be achievable if there is no biasness in the grades that the students get. 

With humans, bias is a common thing. This is an issue that is difficult to deal with. Teachers at times give grades according to the attitude they have towards particular students. But with robots, this will not be the case. Machines will award grades according to the performance of a student without any bias.

Experts from think that Machine learning has a lot of potential in our education.  If we implement it well, then we will see an improvement in our schools. Both tutors and students will benefit from machine learning for education. If governments and schools incorporate it into education, then learning will be more fulfilling and fun. 

Source: HOB