How can you have control over the Industry through some famous Programming Trends?

By ridhigrg |Email | Sep 17, 2019 | 5694 Views

With the world of technology accelerating at a great speed, a number of popular programming technologies have gone obsolete within recent years. All those programming methodologies are now overshadowed by newer trends which, deliver faster development and wider capabilities.

The change in these programming trends is mostly driven by various factors including increased customization, better efficiency, and ease of use. Following here are the top programming trends which are about to shape the landscape of IT.

Java will Rule the Landscape of Programming as Earlier
With almost 20 years of market presence, Java is the most popular programming language of present times. This year, it will continue to hold its dominance as more number of entrepreneurs will use it for powering their applications. Java is the most deployed software for developing native Android applications and this trend is about to continue this year as well. It not only provides unmatched readability and simplicity but also keeps the legacy Java applications functional and efficient.

PHP to Become More Popular in the World of Web Development
PHP, as an open-source web programming language, gains a stronghold in the domain of website development worldwide. It works extremely well with all the CMS platforms, is simple, highly scalable yet flexible, powerful, accepts platform diversity and offer unmatched performance.

The Use of CSS Frameworks by Web Developers will Increase
CSS frameworks deliver a set of best-in-class practices, criterion, and concepts for dealing with various types of problems. It offers a high level of flexibility in reusing codes and thus, make the entire process of web development easy. This, in turn, will increase its usage and help it to stay in the limelight in recent years to come as well.

SQL to Dominate the World of Database Space
SQL is widely known in the world of programming. A range of database technologies uses SQL these days in a range of different ways. Thus, it works as an inherent part of database programming. Adhering this fact, experts believe that it is going to emerge as the most trending programming language in the near future.

Increasing usage of Big Data for Deriving Useful Business Insights
Nowadays, data has become the key ruling element of both the software industry and the consumer-oriented market. The companies try to gather valuable information on customer behavior and this technology for enhancing customer service. Considering this fact, it is going to gain more acceptance in the world of web analysts for deriving consumer-related insights better.

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