Some Reasons behind the Data Loss

By ridhigrg |Email | Jul 12, 2019 | 5298 Views

People with limited knowledge of computer normally suffer the pain of losing important data. This problem becomes much bigger if an organization loses its confidential data. on an organizational level, data lost not only results in a disruption in business operation but also forces the organization to spend a lot of money to recover the lost data.

Generally, an organization has lots of files, documents, important e-mails, and database of its suppliers, customers, and employees, which are of prime value to the organization. In case of a loss of data, the organization can pay anything in its capacity to recover that data. Therefore, many organizations spend money, in advance, for the protection of their data by creating back-ups and applying protective measures for long term benefits. Organizations know that it is far better to invest in data recovery or on its protection rather than re-constructing everything from scratch.

Here are some reasons explaining how one can lose data.

Human error: A person or employee may delete a file un-intentionally that could be of use later.
Accident: Formatting an external hard drive or pen drive without a proper check of important files saved in it, or deleting files over the network.
System problems: Loss of data due to power surges or corruption in a file or database. Using Faulty hardware components can add to the loss of data.
External factors: Loss can occur because of natural disasters like earthquakes, fire, windstorm or floods.
External interference: It can occur because of a hacker trying to manipulate the data or because of viruses.

Source: HOB