Cloud Computing Books Every Learner should Begin with

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 21, 2019 | 13695 Views

Cloud Computing has proved itself a boon to the business to handle and manage with big data. With technology like Cloud Computing, it is easy for businesses now to store, manage, operate and function with their big data. Cloud computing provides businesses with the security of their data along with the accessibility of making the data accessible from anywhere that nearly every business today leverage the benefits of the cloud. The career growth in the cloud is high due to the organizations' increasing demand to manage and storage of big data. 
Learning Cloud Computing is easy when taken the help from the best resources. Books are always the best resources to consider for that. The present article discusses the top level books that every aspirant in cloud computing should refer to. Let's start.

The book requires you to have some background in programming and is meant for anyone who wants to gain understanding about Cloud Computing technology. The book is written as a textbook on cloud computing for educational programs at colleges so anyone at the beginner level can start from this book. Through this book, you will understand the essential concepts in Cloud Computing and the necessary guidance and knowledge to develop working code for real-world cloud applications. Virtualization, load balancing, big data analytics, Cloud security are some of the main concepts discussed in the book.

This is a complete guide on Cloud Computing and provides the learners the in-depth knowledge of:
  1. How public and private cloud technology works 
  2. Technical design in cloud computing
  3. Implementation details to migrate existing applications to the cloud.
The book is must read for IT management, CIOs, senior IT engineers, program managers in the government as the book contains the most needed concepts in cloud computing that every advanced professional should know about.

If you are someone who is just a beginner in the cloud and want to have the best resource from starting from the beginning then this book will serve the best to you. The book deals with the Fundamentals of cloud that every novice and advanced should know. The book provides these teachings in an interesting and simple way that is very easy to understand and grasp. The book begins by describing the seven fundamental software business models at play and then describes each layer of cloud computing. 

This book deal with the essential concepts in the cloud along with new approaches to technical problems enabled by the cloud, and the concepts required to integrate cloud services into scientific work. The book covers the essentials from managing data in the cloud to computing in the cloud, from deploying single virtual machines or containers to supporting basic interactive science experiments to gathering clusters of machines to do data analytics. A lot of practical concepts are covered in the book which is very helpful for any learner to understand.

This is another book covering the basics of Cloud Computing in a lucid and presentable manner with concrete examples. The book explains how cloud services can be used to augment existing services such as storage, backup, and recovery. Also, this book emphasizes on how businesses can prepare themselves for compliance with the laws as well as industry standards. Everything that a Cloud Computing user considers before adopting the technology is also contained in the book.

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