Cyber attacks are a Major Concern. How Businesses can protect themselves from these Cyberattacks?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 17, 2019 | 7743 Views

As the use of the latest technologies like IoT (internet of things) and Cloud computing has become the need of the businesses today to store, execute and gain the relevant data, it has also become an utmost priority for the businesses to keep an eye on the key security issues. We cannot ignore Cybersecurity in any case. Even if the targets are high and Businesses have to reach those targets at any costs, a business today cannot and must not lose his grip over the existing network security and must not put itself to the hands of the hackers. Hackers are always in the chance of breaking your network security and try to enter to gather the authorized access. It is the time that businesses must follow some steps in protecting themselves from these Cyberattacks and make their business operation safe.

Below are some of the tips that businesses should and must follow in order to get them protected from any unwanted attack.
Note: If you are not a business person and not running a business then also you can use the present article to keep the security of your data and keep your personal data safe.

  • Educate your Employees
Not every of your employee knows about cybersecurity and not everyone knows about the ways to protect the privacy of the confidential data. Educating your Employees is the first step you can do in your organization to boost cybersecurity.
Seminars and sessions must be held from time to time to educate your employees about the use of the latest software, various techniques to protect security and above all making the network system more secure.

  • Timely Update Software
The software update also plays a major role in determining the security of a system. Versions of the old software are prone to cyber attacks more and there is a need to use the latest version of the software providing more security to the system. 
 Ask your Employees today to update Software on their systems and use only the latest versions. 

  • Ask your Employees to Do Two-factor authentication wherever needed
Ask your Employees to Do Two-factor authentication wherever asked while working. Two-factor authentication provides another strong layer to keep your personal data safe. Two-factor authentication gives solid security to the access of your personal data which can't be accessed easily by the hackers.  Access from the unknown authorities or hackers can easily be controlled using a Two- factor authentication.

  • Strong Passwords
The use of Strong Passwords is always recommended by the security advisors in maintaining the privacy of the data in your system. But this is also where most of the people do not pay attention to. Even if they know the repercussions they become lazy or are so bored of listening to the same advice over and over again. This must not happen with your business. 
Ask your Employees today to use Strong Passwords on their systems and give them the necessary information about the security issues.

  • Develop a Security Policy
Add security policy as one of the most important policies in your organization. Create a team of skilled professionals who can work to develop new security policies, help your business identify the potential threats and most importantly provides the best solutions to keep your data safe and private.
Give timely and proper training to these professionals.

  • Hire an Ethical Hacker
If you are running a big company and is already leveraging the latest technologies like cloud and IoT or pays much attention to the security of your data then you must not depend on the common methodologies that every business take but should think of hiring an EthicalHacker. 
An Ethical Hacker does the work like a Hacker of entering into the network security of your organization BUT in an intention to find faults that can end up in hacking of your confidential data. Ethical Hackers is the need of your business today and you must realize that.  Hiring an Ethical Hacker to make the network system in your organization more secure than ever.

Source: HOB