Clone your voice with Artificial Intelligence. Know about it

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 13, 2019 | 6618 Views

Just 3.7 seconds and your voice is cloned- height to which AI innovations have reached today. A Chinese tech giant Baidu has recently announced that its AI system Deepvoice is able to imitate a person's voice in 3.7 seconds. The cloned voice is strikingly similar to the original (listen to these cloned voice examples) It is difficult to differentiate between the cloned voice and the original. The results are amazing. Using AI algorithms and the data provided to the system, the systems are now able to imitate a person's voice in this lesser amount of time. What can we infer from this? Are we moving to a fake world?

As if, the Generation of cloned voices is providing a more personalized experience to the users where the users are getting a more interactive system and are conversing with a machine like a human. With the arrival of cloned voices, it has become to clone voices of any of the favorite superstar, thus also making the process interesting for the users. 

But the question here is if these cloned voice systems are not leading to some darker issues?  Aren't these cloned systems moving us ahead into a fake world?

How Cloned voice technology could eventually be harmful?

If copying a person's voice is this much easier now (in approx 3 seconds), than how easy is for the system to generate fake audio and video clips now. Consider when these fake videos and audios will reach to the masses and up to this level of accuracy when it is impossible to differentiate between a cloned voice and an original voice, won't the people be lead wrongly?  Indeed, This will lead to a very dangerous system, when the voices of the influential leaders or the politicians or the businessmen can be used drastically by some unethical people for wrong purposes. This won't only lead to the unpopularity of the famed people but also will create a huge disturbance among the common people. 

For a common man what is shown to him through the media is right and a great sense of trust lies in the heart to challenge the trust of the course. With these cloned voice technologies the level of trust will eventually fall, when there will always be a doubt over the presented audio and video clips because of the use of the technology in creating cloned audios and videos.

A great sense of responsibility lies in the tech innovators now to make a controlled and regulated use of the technology by ethical means.

Source: HOB