Top 12 Data Science Podcasts You Must listen to in 2019

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 13, 2019 | 8736 Views

Podcasts are a great source of learning when learning from books is not a feasible idea. The beauty of a Podcast lies in listening to it at any of your leisure time when the mind is unoccupied. Either you are traveling to work or are not engaged in any mental activity or have any constraint in your eyes to read a book or watch an informative video you can easily refer to a podcast to get yourself updated in your specialization. There are many reasons why you should and must listen to a podcast-
  • It keeps you updated with the latest information and latest news
  • helps you on your basics
  • generate new ideas in you 
  • and the most important- make use of your time well (whenever your mind is free or you are have not engaged yourself in a productive task, you can listen to a podcast). 

To make sure you use your time well by listening to some great informative Podcasts, I have come here with the top 12 Podcasts. The links are readily provided. Just try and listen to them today!

Note: The list is not arranged ranks, so do not pay attention to the order of the list.

  • Data Skeptic

  • O'Reilly Data Show

  • Data Stories

  • Partially Derivative

  • Linear Digressions

  • IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub

  • Talking Machines

  • Data Analytics Power Hour

  • Super Data Science

  • Not so Standard Deviations

  • Data Science at Home

  • Data Framed

  • Partially Derivative

Source: HOB