Here is how eBay using Artificial Intelligence to expand its business

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 10, 2019 | 10845 Views

With over 179 million active users and over millions of sellers across markets, American multinational e-commerce corporation eBay is leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance its customer interaction and is expanding its business.  "I believe that commerce, in particular, will be the focus of some of the most immediate and exciting applications of AI." Wrote Devin Wenig, eBay President and CEO in 2016. 

The company's shopping website provides its user the personalized shopping experience using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and thereby improves its customer interaction. "Artificial intelligence touches every experience within eBay. It is woven into all aspects of the eBay marketplace, anticipating the needs and wants of buyers and sellers, inspiring shoppers on the hunt for something special, empowering entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, and making the platform more accessible to everyone. Over the last few years, we've worked to make our shopping experience more relevant to every shopper's needs, whether customers are looking to discover, be inspired, find a specific item, or browse." - writes Sanjeev Katariya, VP and chief architect of AI and platforms at eBay.

Here are a number of ways how eBay is using Artificial Intelligence for expanding its business across many horizons:

  • Personalized customer experience:
With the help of AI and Machine learning algorithms customers now get the personalized buying experience while purchasing articles over the platform. Articles matching customers' interests pop up on the screens while buying over the platform which makes the buying experience more interactive for the customer. The machine learning algorithms and AI system use the behavioral pattern of the customer based on the past shopping experience to show relevant items.

  • Smart search
Now with the service of image search provided by eBay customers can easily search the products on the platform with the help of camera image. Using computer vision technology eBay has provided this smart search option when its customers can now directly use image reference for the product they want to buy.

  • Machine translation
eBay is using the smart machine translation option to connect buyers and sellers from all over the world. Now with the help of machine translation buyer from any part of the world can interact with the seller in his/her native language which is a relief to many of the potential customers residing in different parts of the globe. This feature of machine translation used by eBay not only makes convenient for the users to have the complete product query in their native language but also remove the language barrier to connect on the e-commerce platform.

  • Augmented Reality to Simplify Shipping
Using Augmented Reality eBay now enables its sellers to select the best box for shipping the items. The smart feature uses virtual shipping boxes Using Augmented Reality to check if the item will be fixed properly into the shipping box before actually using the real physical box for shipping the item.

AI is a boon to the e-commerce providing businesses heavy return on investments (ROIs) by using the various machine learning algorithms. The above points are just a start when AI has a lot to give to the business sector in the coming years.

Source: HOB