Are you a Good Data Scientist? Check What differs a Good Data Scientist from a Bad one

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 7, 2019 | 6147 Views

Sometimes its good to analyze oneself. Sometimes its good to know the reality that whether you are a good fit for your job or not. I suppose you are a Data scientist and have landed here to check whether you possess the required set of skills for a Data Scientist or actually wasting a big-time beating around the bush. If you are someone who is not a Data Scientist but aspires to then also you have landed over to the right article to know the difference between a good data Scientist from a bad one. This will not only help you in differentiating between the two but will also give you a deep insight into what qualities will actually develop yourself to evolve as a good Data Scientist. The criteria that I have mentioned here have been personally felt by me as well while working and researching a lot in the field. You should sit back and check whether you stand well on these criteria or not. The findings you will get after reading this article will help you in improving some parts while congratulating yourself on the parts you have already excelled into.

Are you excelled working in Python? 
This is the big question that you can ask yourself now. Python is the most used Programming language by Data Scientists. If you are still lagging on this part than you must pull your socks now. Yes, there could be chances that your present company might not be using Python and you could have reasons for not learning it. But as a Data Scientist and aspiring to work in any company you must develop the core skills to be excelled at Python.
Python is the most sought after language by the Recruiters today.

Do you use Hadoop?
According to a study carried out by CrowdFlower Apache Hadoop is the 2nd most important skill by 3490 LinkedIn Data science jobs. You can understand the importance of Apache Hadoop now in deciding for the best data Scientist. Due to the most amazing features and services given by Hadoop system in the distributed processing of large datasets across a cluster of computers and managing big data so effectively, Hadoop is the platform that any big tech giant use today for Data Science. It is time that you must learn how to use Hadoop if do not know how to. 

Are you comfortable working with Unstructured Data?
Unstructured data is the only data that you need to deal as a Data Scientist. Those who are already doing the job of a Data Scientist knows this very well. A large part of their time goes working with unstructured data and cleansing it. To anyone who is having difficulty working with unstructured data, I must say you are not moving the right way. Handling big datasets and working with the unstructured data is your topmost skill. Work on that.

Do you use R and have good hands at Statistics?
Statistical skills are one of the distinguishing skills of any Data Scientist. Apart from having a good hand at mathematics, you should be developing a clean hand in statistics as well. Learn different statistical concepts today used by a Data Scientist. Talking about R, R is a language which any data scientist use for Statistical computing. You cannot handle and work with your large datasets without using statistics and for that, you will need a programming language. R is for that required thing.

Do you know about the best Visualization software and use them?
Data Visualization software like  Tableau, QlikView, FusionCharts, Datawrapper is available online with the best of the data visualization features. Data Visualization software do you use? Does your Visualization with your present software present the best visualization graphics to your audience? 
Data Visualization is an integral part of presenting your data. You should be using the best to present the best Visualizations for a clear understanding of your insights. I hope your present data Visualization techniques do not make you fall on the bad Data scientist part.

Last but not least, Do you possess the right set of communication skills with the right set of technical skills?
Make sure your communication is all not holding you back from being a Good Data Scientist. As a Data Scientist, you communicate a lot with your colleagues, key thinkers in the business, stakeholders. Make sure you possess the excellent communication skills to communicate your thoughts and insights to the other members of the organization.  Communicate your ideas in the clearest and effective way to your partners and do hold the latest technical skills required for your work in the company. Technology is changing and evolving fast. You must not hold the grip of it.

By analyzing yourself on the above-mentioned criteria, where do you stand?
Can you say yourself a Good Data Scientist now? I hope you do that.

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