Here Are The Most In-Demand Programming Language & Tech Skills In India, According To Linkedin

By Kimberly Cook |Email | May 7, 2019 | 10800 Views

Across sectors, management, programming language, and technical skills were seen as the most in-demand skills in India.

According to a recent report titled 'India Workforce Report,' by LinkedIn, which analyzed the industry hiring trends in India, Software and IT services, manufacturing and finance were seen as the largest industries on the platform. These were followed by corporate services and education. 
A software engineer is a leading position being hired for across industries, said the report. 
"We have seen that software engineering and business management are the most sought-after jobs in 2018 in India across industries, as well as for talent moving outside India," said Mahesh Narayanan, Country Manager - India, LinkedIn. 

Business Management roles such as business analyst and business development manager have been gaining prominence across industries. The report also highlighted a rising share of data-related jobs. 

Top Skills in-demand:
Programming Skills: SQL, Java, and programming language C were the top tech skills in the Software & IT, and Finance industries. India's IT capital, Bangalore, witnessed the most demand for technical and programming skills. 
AutoCAD: Manufacturing, Construction, Energy & Mining, and Design industries 

SoftSkills: Management, Team Management, and Leadership, followed by Customer Service, and Project Management were the soft skills that featured in the top skills across industry verticals. 

Management: Most in-demand skill in the Finance, Corporate Services, Real Estate, and Education industries. Management has been the top skills for migrants in Delhi and Mumbai 

Source: HOB