What are some of the Most Important Machine Learning Interview Questions

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 2, 2019 | 8469 Views

Machine Learning is the technology governing most of the sectors today. There are various platforms available online providing courses on Machine Learning but still cracking a Machine Learning interview is the hardest thing for any aspirant. For the same purpose, I have come up with this article to share with you a YouTube video of the most important questions that are asked in a Machine Learning Interview. For your simplicity, I have also briefed down various questions that are included in the video. You can take an overview of the various questions that are mentioned in the article and can jump to the required session of the video in which you are interested to explore in. I hope this will help you a lot in your upcoming Machine Learning Interview.

The following video of Simplilearn is available on YouTube and will provide you with the most important Questions in a Machine Learning Interview.

  • Machine Learning is achieved by 4 methods- Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, and Reinforcement Learning. As a Machine Learning Engineer, you should have clarity in these 3 types of learning and must know the difference each one of these learning carries.

  • Training set and Test set are the two important terms that are used in Machine Learning. A Machine learning Engineer builds a model according to the training data set and test set is used to test the accuracy of the model. You should know what is a training set, test set and how will you allocate data for your training, validation and test sets.

  • What is the Confusion Matrix?
      A confusion matrix is also known as an error matrix and is used to visualize the performance of an algorithm. 

  • What are the 3 stages to build a model in Machine learning?
Building a model is an integral part of Machine Learning. As a machine Learning engineer, you should be aware of the various stages to build a model in Machine Learning.

  •  Deep Learning is an important subfield of Machine Learning. Most of the technologies today uses Deep Learning and being a Machine Learning Engineer you should know about Deep Learning, how it is different from Machine Learning 

  • Inductive Machine learning and Deductive Machine learning are 2 new concepts that every aspirant is not aware of and there are chances that your interviewer will ask these questions in your interview. So you must be prepared for that.

  • Apart from the general conceptual questions, you should be attentive in your interview for some practical and reasoning questions as well that the interviewer could ask you. A practical question on this regard like How a system can play chess using Reinforcement Learning is explained in a simple and understanding way in the video.

  • Machine Learning algorithms are the most important to learn while preparing for a machine learning Interview. This is the common question which most of the interviewer could ask you about. So you must know what it is and how can you use them while preparing a model.

  • Some of the technical questions like designing an e-mail spam filter, questions based on Recommender system are explained clearly in the video.
  • Questions based on Regression are also included in the video which will further strengthen your knowledge about regression and will give you an idea about the interview questions that could be asked in the interview.

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