The Most in Demand and Desired Skill of a Data Scientist

By POOJA BISHT |Email | May 2, 2019 | 7521 Views

Data Scientists require to possess a number of skills like Programming, Statistics, Reasoning, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Communication and many other, but the most in-demand skill of a Data Scientist is one that is required by every Data Scientist to possess and which is also the most sought after skill by any recruiter hiring for a Data Scientist. For all those who are looking to know that one particular skill, you have landed over to the right article. The article will describe you that one skill you required to must have in your skill-set while applying for a Data Scientist role, which is Critical Analytical and Reasoning skill.

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Critical Analytical and Reasoning skill is the one skill that will be required and expected from you whether you are working in a top tech company like Google or working in a start-up. You do not have to possess only the technical skills or Educational skill that you gained from your studies or Data Science projects. You are required to have that sense of reasoning and analytical skills to detail that any type of complex problem seems easier to you.

Companies are looking for a candidate who is able to find answers to their big business challenges. They are not just looking for an analyst to analyze but a scientist to analyze, reason and predict. As a Data Scientist, you will encounter many different situations in the company that require you to think a lot on a problem and come up with an innovative solution. This requires you to have a tough edge on your thinking skill. If you are aspiring for a Data Scientist role and merely trying to grasp the concepts and the interview questions, it is the time you must realize that you are on the wrong track. 

This is the time you must realize that your interviewer will ask you those critical questions of how your presence could add value to the organization and how the major challenges that it requires to solve with the help of the complex data could be easily analyzed and reasoned by you.

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Developing a critical mindset and reasoning skills is not an easy quality to develop quickly. This requires you to practice a lot of complex datasets, problem-solving projects and would require you to initiate working on different projects by yourself. You should love solving problems and analyze data around you.

Many of the other skills that are required by a Data Scientist are taught from the outside sources i.e., they come as a result of your technical qualification or internships and courses. Skill related to Critical Analytical and Reasoning is the one that will come to you based on your efforts only. No online courses and no book can develop this acumen for you. You are the only person who can increase its magnitude by working on it persistently and wholeheartedly.

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