Recommended- The Best Online Resources for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 29, 2019 | 15813 Views

Learning from Good and reliable resources are always the most helpful in learning any new concept. While there is a flood of resources available online for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there is a dearth of the best and reliable. I have personally arrived at writing this article to make sure that you get the most trusted sources while preparing to mark your level in these two highly expected growing fields. Both Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the hottest tools of the present system and learners must not lose any sight of the best resources available to them. The list of my best online resources available online is provided with a link below. The good point about these resources is that they are readily available online and are free to be used. So you do not need to pay anything and neither have to waste time thinking over money. You just need to follow them and make a habit of reading and learning from them often.

Coursera- Machine Learning (Andrew NG)
There are a variety of courses you will find in this course of Machine Learning. Topics related to Machine Learning, Convolutional Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence are all covered in detail in the course and you should and must go through this course at once. This will prove the best to you to learn many new concepts.

Udacity- Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning
This course will teach you to build Deep Learning applications using TensorFlow. You will learn to build your Deep Learning models and the course will take you an insight to create your AI applications. You will get a chance to learn much of the things here and develop a practical understanding of the concepts.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning
The free online book will enable you to develop the understanding of neural networks which are the most important to learn in creating Deep Learning models. The in-depth knowledge of neural networks and Deep Learning is provided in the book which will clear all your major concepts you will require.

Natural Language Processing with Python
Natural Language Processing found its application in nearly each of the devices today. Due to the wide range of applications, it is also an important topic to be covered by the learners. The free online book of Natural Language Processing with Python will take you to the many complex processes of making machines understand natural language with the help of python.

Introduction to Probability
The free online book of Introduction to Probability will brief the various concepts related to Probability which is one of the most important and required skills of any machine learning engineer. The various concepts that you will need in your career development in the field of AI and ML are discussed very clearly in the book and will prove very helpful to you. 

I am sure the above resources will prove a lot to you in terms of having the best resources for AI and ML.

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