Here are Some Amazing Deep Learning Applications

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 29, 2019 | 29367 Views

Deep Learning has revolutionized nearly every sector of Industry to come out as the hottest technology in the present times. Using Artificial neural networks, Deep Learning has enabled machines to perform complex tasks without being explicitly controlled by humans. Machines learn from the example datasets and using Deep Learning algorithms execute tasks without requiring any human intervention. The article will take you through the 5 most amazing applications of Deep Learning in which Deep Learning is doing its best to achieve the desired results.

Automatic Colorization
Colorization puts life in a picture. Black and white images look dull and boring to look at. When there were no Deep Learning algorithms humans used to color the picture by themselves. It is difficult to color already taken pictures but with Deep Learning pictures can be effectively colored and put life into. Using Deep Learning Black and white photographs could be colored to visualize the best image experience.

Self-driving cars
Self Driving cars the cars of the next generation. Using Deep Learning cars have been developed which learn by themselves and do not require any driver to operate. Self Driving cars learns to identify objects, road map and everything that is required to drive a car on a busy road. There are various things that a driver need to keep attention on while driving. Self Driving cars automate all these things without any help. This is the most amazing application that Deep Learning has to offer. 

Advertising is the main part of any business. With advertising businesses attract customers for their products. Advertising in the 21st century where there are a lot of online platforms and a lot of choices before customers is a bit difficult. But with Deep Learning advertising has become easy where it is easy to know the interests of the customers using Deep Learning algorithms and consequently posting the targeted advertisements. These targeted advertisements give a higher return on investments to the businesses as the advertisements are nothing but the interests of the customers only and so there are always higher chances of clicking these targeted advertisements.

Automatic Machine Translation
Machine translation is yet another powerful application of Deep Learning. Using Deep Learning sentences in one natural language can be easily converted into another natural language. This is prominently used for business and international summits where the exchange of ideas is an important thing and language should not act as a barrier in that. Translation with high accuracy is possible using Deep Learning techniques by Machines.

Visual Recognition
Using Deep Learning computers and machines are successful in identifying images and visuals. Just like a normal human eye,  machines are knowing what the world is made up of. It can now successfully differentiate between objects and identify images. This is one of the influential application of Deep Learning and has its application in many of the fields. Visual recognition system finds most of its application in surveillance. Even self-driving cars use image recognition to identify objects before them. The field of Visual Recognition is diverse and has become possible with the help of deep learning only. 

Source: HOB