If Aspiring for a Data Science Career than SQL is Compulsory!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 26, 2019 | 8262 Views

Data Science is all about working with Data and SQL (Structured Query Language) is the key to unlock the insights out of that Data. Whatever amount of Data you have in your the organization, whatever number of resources you are dependent on, Value will not be created out of your data unless you are skilled in a tool like SQL to finding insights out of the Data. SQL is meant for databases. I will not be wrong if I would say that you must learn SQL if you want to develop a career in Data Science.

Because of the simplicity to use the language, SQL stands apart from all other programming languages like Python, R, Java, etc., which have become so prominent in recent times. Finding insights from databases using SQL is easy and also not time taking. 
SQL is the language which is nearly used by every organization today to extract meaningful insights out of the data. Deletion, insertion, and extraction of information from the database using SQL is easy as compared to any other programming language.

Learning any programming language like Python, R, Java, C++ will take much of your efforts. At times you will feel like quitting due to the complex coding and harder concepts. You will have to learn a lot and spent long hours of programming. You will be taking online courses and refer many books but it is a lot more easy to learn SQL. The syntaxes used in the languages are in normal English which are relatively easier and every beginner who is aspiring to learn the language will find no difficulty in learning SQL. If you are having a Computer Science background like I have than things will go very easy for you.

Data Science is the sexiest job of the century. According to a recent report by Glassdoor, Data Scientist is the best job in America.  This is also for the reason that there are many potential candidates applying for in the field and the need to develop relevant skills has emerged. While the role of a Data Scientist requires many other skills to be learned as well but if you are going for a junior position like for an Analyst than learning SQL will do many things for you and working with a large number of datasets and finding insights out of it will become very easy for you.

Source: HOB