Difficulty in Learning Algorithms and Data Structures? Follow these Steps and Books

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 17, 2019 | 13401 Views

Algorithms and Data structures are the essential skill of any Programmer.  To write a good code it requires skills on Algorithms and Data structures, failing of which coding seems the most difficult and frustrating task by any programmer. The main problem that arises with the programmers while learning algorithms and Data Structures is their inability to "think deeply". Beginners often look at algorithms and try to learn it directly without even giving a thought of how that algorithm would have designed by the expert behind it. Data structures are often taken like some theoretical concepts that beginners cram at colleges without going beyond the limited number of books. 

 Coding is a thing that requires a mind engaged more in problem-solving. For any Programmer, it requires to think and analyze the problem deeply and while you are learning algorithms keep in mind you are not only to learn but also to "Explore".  I am working to learn algorithms, looking at it, analyzing it and asking myself- "why this algorithm is designed in this way?", "Could there be another way to solve the same problem using a slightly different algorithm approach?", " How can I use this learning to my other coding problems?". This is how the mind should run. The mind should not only be kept to a particular idea but should open itself to multiple possibilities to the same situation. As a beginner in Programming and learning Algorithms and Data Structures, this is the best habit that you can develop. It will give you the long term benefits.

Questions related to Algorithms and Data Structures are the favorite at job interviews while applying for the position of a Programmer in a reputed organization. It is therefore required you develop a good approach in learning these important concepts. A wide range of books are available online to pull you from the problems you face while learning Algorithms and Data Structures, the links of the best 3 books after researching through various platforms have been provided here by me. I am sure they will help you a lot in learning from the most basics to the most advanced.

Introduction to Algorithms
Wide range of Algorithms is provided in the book that provides the user the understanding of different algorithms and as well as the understanding of its design. This is the third edition of the book and is revised and updated from its 2nd.

The Algorithm Design Manual
Designing Algorithms is the most difficult phase the programmer faces. This book has wide popularity and is the favorite book of the readers in terms of the concepts it provides. This book must be read by you. It will make your work much easy than before. 

Competitive Programmer's Handbook
This is a free online book and is intended to provide the learners with easy access to competitive programming. Being readily available it must be looked by you at least once. It is going to benefit you well in programming.

Source: HOB