The need for Ethics is what Demanded in Artificial Intelligence and the System must create it!

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 16, 2019 | 8085 Views

Technological advancements have reached its zenith and Artificial Intelligence (or simply AI) being a leader in it to move the world to the next generation.  This is the present scenario of the world we are living in.  Every sector from Healthcare to Robotics, to Education to Finance, has one thing in common- it is using AI for achieving enormous growth. When so many effective results are provided by AI, it has become a necessity to include ethics in AI lest we should wait for a day when we will be overpowered by this powerful technology. The choice is ours. 

There are many predictions that we hear every day about the future of AI. Strong and scary comments always coming out of the intelligent minds predicting a world of destruction by this powerful technology. 

Must read  "The world of Artificial Intelligence - Hell or Heaven" for the future of AI. 

Ethics govern us. A good society, a good nation, and a good world are made when people follow ethics in their lives. Without ethics, the world would become a mess, a complete destructive one. The examples are not unknown to us when we are already seeing much terror attacks in the part where ethics are completely absent from the picture.
When machines are at the verge of thinking like a human mind, behaving like human beings, intelligent Robots doing complex tasks better than humans don't you think we have reached to a place when we should consider ethical issues in AI seriously? A late in this respect will make us face the worst which nobody wants.

A prediction on this respect worries us when it is already being predicted that a time will come when machines would become so powerful that they will overpower us in every respect and will become uncontrollable. No amount of human control will then effect these super powerful machines and the normal functioning of the world will come to a halt. That will be a time when the 'digital world' which is the most prominent in the present scenario (every country is taking steps to become more digital now like Digital India Programme that recently initiated in India as well) will be the most insecure to work in. Because machines have become super power now and no system of privacy holding a system will work.

Already key thinkers are making strategies of including ethics in AI so that technology gives only the best to us and the worst is kept apart. But the loopholes arise when these strategies do not come out of the white paper. There is a lack of awareness in this respect because technology has not shown us its worst face.

Every machine or software when made has some positive and some ill effects. The positives we are already reaping out, its the time when the focus should also go on the negative and strict actions and measures should be taken to maintain privacy and tackle future distraction (if occur).

Source: HOB