Which are some of the most Frequently Asked questions in Data Science?

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Apr 15, 2019 | 9519 Views

Cracking a Data Science Interview is like winning a marathon. A persistent runner will win the race. In this era of 21st-century hard work along with smart work works best. For cracking a Data Science Interview it is necessary to possess the required skills and talent but it is also important to think from the interviewer's mind. You should know the mindset of the interviewer and the questions he can put before you so that the ball lies on your court and you are able to crack the interview with no more difficulty. As more experiences in life make us grow, having more access to the different interview questions will make you aware of the interviewerâ??s mind and will let you know to what extent the panel can go to identify you well for a position. This article will dive through some of the most Frequently Asked questions in Data Science Interviews with the help of a popular video of YouTube so that your preparation for the next Data Science interview becomes easier.

This YouTube video of Edureka will take you to the most important questions that are asked in Data Science Interviews. The video will provide you the knowledge of a number of job posting for Data Science professionals. The video will start with the basic definition of defining what a Data Science is and will proceed to make you learn of the skills that are required in Python for Data Analysis. Because Python is also the most sought after programming language question in this matter is important.  The video is divided into 4 different sections of Statistics, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Probability from which the interviewer could put up the straightforward and complex questions. 

Question-related to A/B Testing, differences between overfitting and underfitting which are asked in many interviews and not unknown by many candidates are included in the video. The various machine learning questions that are very important from the examiner point of view are mentioned in the video. Practical questions related to Probability are defined well in the video which will clear your concepts as well and will give you and view from the interviewer point of view. 

The video is designed in a way that it is quite understandable to the beginners and as well as the professionals.  Candidates will gain a deeper understanding of the various topics that are covered in the video and will make them think of several questions that could be asked by the interviewer from these topics.

Source: HOB