Applications of Machine Learning

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 18, 2019 | 18204 Views

Machine Learning is an integral part of this era driven by data and technology with several of its wide applications. Machine learning is like the Brain of any machine. Like its impossible for humans to grow without learning, it is impossible for machines as well to act intelligently without learning. Artificial neural networks play an important part in making machines learn.

Before going through some of the applications of Machine Learning, let us have a quick look at What a Machine Learning is.
Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence which provides machines with the capability to take decisions without any human intervention. The machine takes intelligent decisions and solves complex issues by referring to the example sets fed into it and learning from it. Data mining is the field that comes under Machine Learning. 
Machine Learning has its wide application today, in most of the sectors, some of which I have mentioned below

  • Financial Services
With the help of Machine Learning, it has become possible now to analyze data and detect fraud. Financial companies are using Machine Learning to analyze past history and past records of customers and detect frauds based on the analyzation. This thus helps Financial companies to save themselves from any frauds in the future. 

  • Healthcare
With the advancement of AI technologies and machine learning, it has become possible to identify and diagnose diseases through Machine Learning which were once difficult to identify. Also, with machine learning, it has become possible to predict epidemics in the future. A large amount of data that is available to the professionals today are used to predict diseases in the future.

  • Virtual Assistants
From booking appointments with clients to booking hotel and flight, Virtual Assistants are in use for a variety of purposes today. Machine Learning is used in Virtual assistants as well, where your query is resolved by the assistant based on its learning from inferences fed in it (the example sets). You could think of your virtual assistant this time and think of the tasks it performs for you. It would give you a sense of how machine learning is used even in your favorite voice assistant.

  • Social Media
Getting People you may know at your facebook page seems normal to the Facebook users who are unaware of the applications of Machine Learning. But it's an interesting fact that Machine Learning has its use in that part as well. It identifies and analyses our past activities and refer the most relevant friends to us.

  • Product Recommendation
Every time we use an online shopping site and purchase articles, we provide data to the site telling our interests and choice as a customer . With the help of Machine Learning companies analyses this data and recommend a similar type of products to us. Companies do so to keep traffic on their site and it also appeals to the user. 

Source: HOB