Beginners should seek Knowledge from these Java Programming Books

By ridhigrg |Email | Mar 15, 2019 | 7269 Views

Almost all websites recommend an array of books and the readers are left confused deciding which book is best to buy. We want to eliminate this confusion and recommend the TOP Books, which in our experience every Java beginner must read.

Head First Java, 2nd Edition
Affectionately referred to by readers as Java Programming Bible. It is the BEST SELLING JAVA book of all time. Head First Java provides access to information every Java Programmer must know. Most Java books written nowadays are targeted for advanced developers, but Head First Java has taken into consideration problems faced by Java beginners. It is never before the approach to Java Training, and the books use Vintage Pictures, puzzles, code exercises, brain teasers, etc. for effective learning. You will find the book well structured, informative and intuitive to navigate through.

Effective Java (2nd Edition)
If you are willing to seek some practical guidance for java programming but you do not have anyone to tell you.  Well, this is your book. Joshua Bloch, the Author of Effective Java, does a great job describing best practices that you as a developer will find useful on a daily basis. Whether you are a newbie, developer or a manager, there are mega doses of wisdom that all could learn because even for the experienced Java developer, Effective Java contains quite a few little eye-openers.

Learn Java in 1 Day: Complete Beginners Guide
Learn Java in 1 Day will help you learn the basics of Java programming. It addresses basic tenants of Java and OOPS like no other book. This edition has been updated to align with Java 8 and includes new options for the latest tools and techniques.
Here this book will teach you some concepts of java coding like decisions, loops, arrays, methods, variables, lambda expressions, etc. As well as a brief introduction to the various framework it supports like Java SE8, Java Swing, Java Oracle, Java Eclipse, etc. 

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