Difference between AI, ML and Deep Learning

By POOJA BISHT |Email | Mar 13, 2019 | 17802 Views

For many people understanding technology looks a tiresome task and the technical terms look like a bit confusing to them. Every technology seems to possess and use the same features to them. So, I decided to write this article to clear out any confusion which anyone feels between Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML) and Deep learning. 

There are some key concepts that I will discuss here which will surely let you know of the main differences between these three terms and realize the difference each one of them carries.

Let's begin detailing. 

Simply put, You can understand Artificial Intelligence as a field which is striving to make machines intelligent as humans. If you wonder about intelligence here than I must tell you that intelligent machines are those machines which are able to solve the complex problems without being explicitly programmed. You could think about a robot here which is able to understand your question completely and gives you the answer in return without any human being involved in the process and making the robot do it. Like natural intelligence which is possessed by humans in solving every of the day to day challenges and taking appropriate decisions and actions, AI is a field which creates a reality of developing machines exhibiting the same intelligence. It is a larger field which contains Machine learning in it.

Before understanding, Machine learning considers the fact how humans do a particular task or handle a particular situation 2-3 times and then learns from it and use that learning for solving the similar type of situations in the future. 

This is exactly about Machine learning when a machine learns about a particular thing after we make it familiar with some of the examples of the task it needed to understand. The machine then grasps that idea and solve those similar type of problems in the future without any human giving instructions to it. 

To able a machine learn to recognize humans from rest, it involves giving some examples of images of humans and non-humans to it after which the machine will be a complex process gets the idea of how a human looks like and in the future will differentiate a human from a non-human by that learning.
This obviously involves a lot of complex algorithms to help the machine learn.

Deep learning is a subfield of Machine learning, which involves learning through deep neural networks. A neural network or an artificial neural network (because it is the case of machines) is a connection of many artificial neurons that help a machine in learning. An artificial neural network (ANN) has its concept derived from natural neurons as exist in the human brain which carries electrical signals to the brain helping it to think since the touch or any of the thing a brain perceives. 

A human mind is made up of neurons so you could think of how any information is received and transmitted by Neurons to and helping the brain to perform everyday tasks.

I hope you must now have understood the differences and concept AI, ML and deep learning carries. To make it furthermore simple you can understand AI as a big set containing machine learning, and deep learning inside of machine learning. 

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