Google Tracks Everything. Do we Know This? NO

By ridhigrg |Email | Mar 12, 2019 | 5487 Views

When it comes to privacy and the data, Facebook is pinpointed for a better reason. When we talk about Facebook actually there is no shortage of skepticism when the data for 87 million users breaches. But with all eyes turned towards Facebook, Google seems to be slipping under the radar when it comes to privacy questions, when in fact Google knows more about you than Facebook does.

So what all Google know about you? 
The answer to this complicated question is very simple that is as much as we allow Google to know, it will get to know that much. The privacy settings determine what allowance you give the google for accessing your browser history and the products activities. To give you a real-life example of just how much data Google has on people, I downloaded my data and it was 2GB which equals roughly 1.5 million word documents.

This could range from your browsing history, video viewing, purchasing, location history, online searches and more. Everything you have connected to Google, it has gathered all the information. 
Some obvious ones that should not be surprising are that Google knows your age, gender and where you live and sometimes where you work.

Some examples of other information Google collects:
  • Places you have searched in Google maps
  • Apps that you have used (if you own an Android device)
  • Everything you have asked your Google device (if you own a Google device)
  • Every video you have watched on YouTube
  • Every comment you have left on YouTube
  • All Gmail files, downloads, emails and even drafts

When it comes to your location. It is not just tracking where you've been but the date, time of day, travel time and amount of time spent at each location. On Google Fit, it tracks how many steps you've taken, anytime you walked or worked out and how long.

Google has all the information about your applications which are downloaded on the phone that we have agreed for letting it obtain like Uber and Spotify which also includes the apps extension, especially Messenger as it will see to whom you are talking on Facebook. It will also see that at what time you are waking up and at what time you are going to sleep. 

Google pictures also store information of the picture you have taken or have saved, it will even tell you with whom you have taken and at what time. If you pull up Google photos this should be no surprise as it starts to categorize the people and things in the photo. I can now search my dog and it will bring up all the pictures of my dog.

Google calendar tracks all events you attended and when. Google stores search history across all your devices on a separate database, so even if you delete your search history and phone history, Google will still everything until you delete off all devices.

Automatic filling online like passwords and credit card information are all stored and saved in Google's database as well. Including every purchase made with these and logins made with the passwords.

Perhaps the most uneasy for people is that Google stores files that have been deleted as well. But it is probably best to remember that Googles intentions are not to be ill-intended, they are for ad serving and profit. However, as talked about with Facebook, the concern is not about Google or Facebook but others having the ability to access this vast amount of data.

Source: HOB